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Google launches AutoML for All

Posted by: Sivaraj Ambat,Dr. Prakash Goteti On January 19, 2018 06:14 PM facebook linked in twitter

This week, Google announced the launch of Cloud AutoML with aim of making AI accessible for every business.

According to Google’s chief scientist Fei-Fei Li & Head of R&D (Cloud AI) Jia Li, this move is aimed at democratizing AI and make it available to the community of developers, researchers and businesses.

On the blog, Google said “Cloud AutoML helps businesses with limited ML expertise start building their own high-quality custom models by using advanced techniques like learning2learn and transfer learning from Google”

We decided to learn more about the platform and here are some details.

What is Google Cloud AutoML?

Cloud AutoML is a new Machine Learning suite from Google that enables developers with minimal expertise in machine learning to train models. With this, Google is following Microsoft's strategy to lure developers who either have strong expertise in the traditional programming skills but have limited expertise in Machine Learning or are looking for a faster way for developing trained models.

Why Cloud AutoML & Challenges in Image recognition?

In computing systems requiring visual cognitive abilities, e.g., face recognition, handwriting recognition, etc., it is very challenging to adopt a traditional programming approach to develop a system to recognize images. With machine learning algorithms, it is possible to develop a model and train it with a large number of images.

Once adequately trained, the model would be able to more or less accurately detect or recognize similar images. However, the conventional approach of developing such models requires a deep understanding of various algorithms and the training process is also time-consuming.

This is where Cloud AutoML comes in.

Similar to Azure Machine Learning Studio, Cloud AutoML provides a simple, graphical user interface (GUI) for developers to train, evaluate, improve, and deploy models based on custom data.

Using Google's proprietary image recognition technology, Cloud AutoML allows developers to create trained models quickly even with minimal expertise in Machine Learning.

What are the features of Cloud AutoML?

Cloud AutoML is fully integrated with other Google Cloud services, providing a consistent experience to consumers across the entire Google Cloud service line.

Consumers can store the training data in Google Cloud Storage and it remains private.

For images without labels, Google also provides in-house human labelers to review and classify the images uploaded by the customer.

CloudML leverages Google state of the art AutoML and Transfer Learning technology to produce high quality models. Presently, CloudML supports creation of vision models but it is expected to have services for all other major fields of AI soon.

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The post is written by Sivaraj Ambat & Dr. Prakash Goteti of Tech Mahindra’s Learning Services team. You can reach them at Sivaraj Ambat (@SivarajTweets), Prakash Goteti

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