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ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 - From the Eyes of a Digital Analyst

Posted by: Harsh Kabra On May 15, 2015 03:18 PM facebook linked in twitter

Cricket for Indians is like Football for Brazilians, the passion for the game is beyond ones imagination...! But as Digital Analyst, I look at it little differently.

Last month at ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, the cricket-fever was back in the country. I got a chance to watch my first game of the season on the day of 15th Feb, 2015 when the two oldest rivals, India and Pakistan met in the opening game. Like any other cricket crazy Indian fan, I was glued to my television screen with a bunch of friends and family around, watching India comfortably win over Pakistan ... We won ...We won !

Now, some of you would ask me, Tell us something new, India always wins over Pakistan in World Cup games...!

But like I said earlier, the Digital Analyst in me was looking for something else. During the live broadcasting of this cricket match, I observed a very interesting concept on my television screen and the ICC statisticians named it as Key To Success.

Key To Success

Key To Success (KTS) is nothing but a few 'Key Stats' around a player or a team participating in that match which helps us predict the end result of the game.

Let's visit the very recent example from Australia Vs. Pakistan (quarter-final match) match where the KTS for Aussie team is given below:

In this match Aussies successfully followed all the 3 KTS stats and no points for guessing, the match result went in their favor with a cozy win over Pakistan. Wow, KTS does seem to be effective.

What did the Digital Analyst in me see?

As a statistician and an Analyst inside me started thinking, how we can leverage this Key To Success (KTS) stats further in this Data-Driven world and pass on the benefits to our clients in Digital Analytics.

Some Food For Thought 

In traditional Digital Analytics, we usually measure and report the numbers around the check-points like, Micro Conversion(s) and Macro Conversion(s) but what if we apply some reverse engineering here and use these "Key To Success (KTS)" points extracted from our Reporting tools as check-points and measure each one of them?

Let’s take an example of an E-commerce portal. Here, the micro conversion check-points could be the “Add-to-Cart” or “Checkout” pages and the Macro Conversion could be Purchase/Order Placement.

Let’s assume that the following are the KTS identified from analyzing the Web Analytics data for this organization:

S. No.

       Key To Success for Ecommerce Company


70% of the visitors who add >5 items to their cart make the purchase (winning probability)


85% of the visitors who watch the Product Review Videos end up placing an order on the site


90% of the visitors who spend more than 20 mins on the website and make >=2 internal searches and provide their Cr. Card details convert (place order).

I am certain that this out-of-box approach can help us get some surprising facts, hidden deep-down beneath the pile of data-sets and numbers. It can result in some amazing Insights and Action-Items for an ecommerce company analysts and marketers.

KTS can also help us form some extremely valuable "Recommendations" in our client analysis and deep-dives.

Taking the idea of leveraging KTS forward, the data coming from our Web Analytics tools (SiteCatalyst or Google Analytics) will help us understand the KTS points better and our Optimization tools (A/B Testing & MVT Tools) will further help us Test and Confirm the success of those. Once this is done, what we get in hand is:

"A Magical-Formula called Key-To-Success aka KTS for your very own business and not just the industry standards or those old, boring & known strategies to work with."

Like any other analysis, KTS based analysis is also a continuous process of improvement and new learning.

So far, I am quite fascinated by the accuracy of this simple theory of Key To Success (KTS) and to further support it, the end-result of all games played in this world cup 2015, are no exceptions.

What are your thoughts?

About Author:

Harsh Kabra, an Adobe Certified Expert in Digital Analytics® and a Project Manager at Tech Mahindra has authored many articles and POVs related to his area of proficiency - “Digital Analytics”.

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Geat read. Nice observation of the concept 'Keys to success'. Simple yet extraordinary.

Posted by:kaushik sarkar | 5/19/2015 2:10:05 AM

Good Stuff !

Posted by:Scott | 5/19/2015 10:31:59 AM

As Charlie Sheen says, this article is "W!ININGN"

Posted by:Divakar | 6/15/2015 4:42:28 PM

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