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Infrastructure as a Code in NextGen Managed Services

Posted by: Ramanan Veeranan On February 15, 2019 03:42 PM facebook linked in twitter

Next Generation AWS Managed Services leverages DevOps practices to automate common Infrastructure and application support activities and provide full-lifecycle services to provision, run and support customer applications and infrastructure at scale. This blog talks about Tech Mahindra’s experience in providing NextGen managed services using AWS services and how it truly differentiates and brings value to their customers.

Organizations looking for faster infrastructure provisioning, treat their infrastructure as code. All the time-intensive tasks to use the tools and processes to create the infrastructure are now getting fully automated. AWS CloudFormation allows us to model our entire infrastructure in a text file. It provisions resources in a safe, repeatable manner, allowing us to build and rebuild infrastructure and applications, without having to perform manual actions. Codifying the infrastructure allows us to treat our infrastructure as just, code. We can author it with any code editor, check it into a version control system and review the files with team members before deploying into production.

For one of the leading retailer who is spread across 17 countries in Europe, Tech Mahindra has provided a robust and fully automated infrastructure deployment solution with highly reusable AWS CloudFormation templates. With emphasize on automation enabled by DevOps, Tech Mahindra has not only helped the customer to help reducing the time to market but also helped to reduce the number of infrastructure specialists who were working to create all the services manually.

The solution included

  • Developed a highly reusable JSON templates with input parameter files for each environment like Development, Test QA and PRD
  • Multiple AWS CloudFormation stacks were created to deploy AWS resources
  • AWS resources deployed using CloudFormation are EC2, ELB, Auto scaling, RDS, EFS, S3, cloud watch, Route53, IAM
  • All source code, script and templates are maintained in GitHub version control
  • AWS CloudFormation templates are used to create a fully automated monitoring alerts along with SNS email notification to customers
  • AWS CloudFormation templates are used to create automated Lambda functions along with python script to ensure backup & retention of AWS resources.
infrastructure - NextGen Managed Services

Value delivered

  • Fully automated Infrastructure deployment and highly reusable templates.
  • Improved the time to market of the products.
  • Fully automated the backup of all servers and databases regularly with a retention period.
  • Fully automated the monitoring and email alert notification of all servers and services.
  • Helped to improve the IT support efficiency by optimizing the manual activities through automation and decreasing the support headcount

About Author

Ramanan Veeranan - AVP, AWS Practice & Delivery Head, Tech Mahindra

Ramanan Veeranan brings with him over 20 years of rich experience spread across IT application, Infrastructure & cloud services. He is responsible for building solutions and delivery leadership of AWS cloud services globally. He has extensive experience in executing large scale cloud transformation engagements for enterprise customers.

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