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Integrated Rural Health for Driving Effective Results

Posted by: Venugopal Kandimalla On August 11, 2017 04:51 PM facebook linked in twitter

Integrated rural health (IRH) solutions act as a precursor to creating collaborative healthcare models made specifically for rural consumers. The hallmark of an effective solution is its ability to overcome challenges and be sustainable for primary healthcare consumption in rural areas.

Creating an effective rural health care model takes more than just technology to offer any solution. To ensure that the solution is indeed effective and not superficial requires an ecosystem that covers awareness, diagnosis, treatment, and compliance.

By digitizing medical services, IRH solution makes healthcare awareness easy enough to reach, even to the last person who earlier stood in a queue or traveled great distances to receive any. Its impact is responsible for bringing basic healthcare to the doorstep of rural consumers through mobile apps and connected community health workers. This helps stream information seamlessly from patients to the clinical staff such as doctors, nurses, and paramedics.

Making healthcare affordable is another transformative trait of IRH. From medical device integrations to the web based customized solution for health camps, an integrated model can significantly empower diagnostic services in rural areas. Customized triage forms based on the patient condition becomes an easy tool for the nursing staff to capture any clinical data in the desired standard format. The integrated approach also makes access to specialist care easy through remote video consultations. It holds the potential to change the face of physician consultations using pioneering telehealth solutions. By integrating high-definition video, advanced audio, a clinician collaboration platform, the application offers a secure and scalable solution to remotely assist patient.

While making primary health awareness easy to understand and on-demand, integrated solutions also make registration and enrollment hassle free for the rural market. The solution comprises of the following key features: e-health awareness programs, patient enrollment, patient registration, nurse triage, diagnostics, teleconsultation, e-prescription. Key features of the solution help bridge the gaps in healthcare delivery, especially when there is a physical limitation to infrastructure and access – thereby transforming the delivery of healthcare.

Low-cost solution for E2E services, open source platform for video/chat consultation, are some other steps in the right direction undertaken by India’s rural health pioneers. Ease of scalability and execution with negligible CAPEX costs are some of the key differentiators of these solutions. IRH successfully overcomes challenges while enhancing patient engagement. It has the potential to achieve deep penetration in rural and emerging markets where improved healthcare is the need of the hour. It makes for the perfect merger of knowledge sharing and awareness dispensation thereby showing the way forward for future patient-physician engagement.

Hence, the application not only benefits and accelerates the customer’s outreach in rural healthcare markets, it increases customer’s portfolio for the treatment of common diseases. No doubt, it is the perfect ensemble of medical functions that makes medical practitioners far more acceptable, accessible, and adaptable, in tune with customer demands.

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Venugopal Kandimalla, VP & Global Delivery Head of HLS, Tech Mahindra

Venugopal Kandimalla is a Global Delivery Head for Healthcare and Life Sciences vertical in Tech Mahindra. Venu has over 27 years of working experience with different organizations. In his role, Venu is responsible for service delivery to Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Organizations, business strategy, client relationships and operational excellence. Follow him on twitter @ VRKandimalla.

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