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Is “Gen Y” a must for Digital?

Posted by: Namrata Chabria On September 07, 2015 11:32 AM facebook linked in twitter

There are 2 statements that I have often come across in my pitches to various customers on digital transformation.

Statement 1: “ Gen Y pitching on Digital….Seems like it’s gonna be truly digital”

Statement 2: “We have a lot of experience, digital is nothing but the old wine in a new bottle, we have seen it all “.

These 2 statements have often made me think if Digital was more inclined to Gen Y ? I tried to find answers to this in my environment.

The first observation- I saw a father aged 60+ who gave his son his pass book and told him to get it updated at the bank premise. The son tried to explain to his father that he could download his updated bank statement from the mobile app of the bank. However the father refused and insisted that it be done at the bank premise as he did not trust the mobile apps when it comes to a huge chunk of money. This instance put across a thought that the 45+ generation seems to be quite receptive to the new upcoming technologies and their uses.

The Second Observation- I was at a hospital. An old man seemed to have just recovered from a heart attack and was waiting to see the doctor. The admin staff of the hospital walked up to him and offered him a device and said “ Sir this is a wearable device and this can help you keep a track on your heartbeat regularly and also your health condition in general. Not only can you, your family also can remotely monitor your health condition”. The old man got excited seeing that and called up his son. He explained his son about the device and asked him if should buy it. To my surprise he replied back to the hospital staff “Thank you madam, but my son does not agree to it. He says that he would prefer to keep a full time nurse for my monitoring, but does not trust a machine”. This instance came as a surprise where the old man was willing to use technology but the GenY instead preferred a full proof mechanism of health safety.

I kind of got into a thought that it is not “Grey Hair” or “ Gen Y” that matters. It is a mentality and culture probably that defines “A must for Digital”. But the confusion still pertains as to where the digital will be more inclined? Is it really Gen Y??? You can debate or write your vies on the same.

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