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Is Technology Playing God?

Posted by: CP Gurnani On January 20, 2015 04:58 PM facebook linked in twitter

As I set out on my morning stroll, a rather exciting thought struck me. In Hindu mythology we subscribe to the trinity of God which encompass the progression. The trinity comprises of

  • Brahma the Creator or even the initiator, with whom it all starts.
  • Vishnu, the preserver, the one who progresses the creation
  • Shiva, the destroyer, thus bringing transformation

Call it an occupational hazard or power of imagination if you will, but as I analysed the three roles of the trinity, I realized that the same resonates with the impact technology has had in the evolution of the corporate world.

Technology has today given rise to businesses that were not known in the past. Not only has technology created an offering, it has indeed targeted the latent needs of the market. What we cannot imagine, we cannot want or create. And, today technology has led us into challenging our own mind. It has therefore, led to advancement where conversations are not just people to people but also, people to machine and machine to machine.  A connected world, has thus been created owing to the power of technology. Brands that did not exist a decade ago are now among the most powerful brands owing to technology incarnations. Technology has therefore challenged the status quo and gone beyond the barriers. Today it is enabling a visually impaired to sense obstruction in his path through special glasses, its allowing a classroom without a teacher to learn from the hole in the wall. It is noteworthy that creation is morphing from individuals, to societies and countries being benefitted.

Alfred North Whitehead had said, “The art of progress is to preserve order amid change.”

While technology provides first-to-the-world experiences, it in parallel preserves best practices for future reference. The obvious role technology has as custodian of data and analytics is for all to testify. It helps encapsulate the actions of the past and make it a citation for the future. Technology helps revitalize, make beautiful the things that may otherwise lose relevance. As world graduates from one product offering to the other, technology keeps pace with the change to make sure the business stays lucrative and attractive. Examples exist on the potential to enable change and eradicate physical distances in order to build a cloud based knowledge repository and an ecosystem. Technology has therefore scripted the comeback stories of brand which would have disappeared and thus being the preserver of the brands. It therefore blends the world of the past to the world of the future.

Picasso had said, “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction.” The statement manifests itself, with several stalwart product companies having perished. As technology evolved from one generation to another, it required preservation and change. The companies which were complacent to the threat, gradually lost ground and became a thing of the past. Business school case studies are full of several such illustrations of destruction. Technology has disrupted most things right from how people listen to their music, to how they preserve memories.

Therefore in summation it has to be said that Technology is leading the world order change and emergence of a new global context which will continue to be dynamic and resurgent and we all have a role to play. If you are creator you get knowledge, as preserver you get stabilization and monetary benefit and power as the disruptor of the game.

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Nicely written Article CP Sir. Though, after looking at the timestamp of this article, I realised that I am reading this only after it was posted on LinkedIN. I cannot say much but just one comment: I feel we humans are playing god by using technology through all the three stages-akin to Shiva-> destroying the inertia, creating a new system-making it a game changer and so on.

Posted by:Ajay Thakur | 4/9/2015 12:21:07 AM

Fantastic read. Sort of an eye opener.. How dependant we are on technology now and more so in future !! As business become more open to investing in IoT to derive business benefits we are certainly going to see a new wave in this connected world. As per recent Machina Research estimates, IoT market is going to $4.5 tn industry by 2024. Glorious days ahead in technology sector !!

Posted by:Aravind | 4/9/2015 10:31:04 AM

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