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Key to better customer experience is making it simpler for them!!

Posted by: Kirti Kakad On February 23, 2018 02:59 PM facebook linked in twitter

Customer Servicing has been one of the key aspects of customer retention or loyalty or to ensure customer advocacy. And for brands, it is a continuous process to evolve to provide easier and increasingly seamless customer experiences.

Looking at how customer care or servicing has evolved over years, we have major paradigm shifts from:

  • 9 X 5 Support to 24 X 7 Support
  • Telephone based to IVR
  • Email to Online Ticketing/ Social Media
  • Automation to Bots based
  • Live chat to Instant Messenger

In the past, companies use to decide and restrict the channels for customer support. But today, with the explosion of social media and new age technologies, customers decide the channels to complain and companies have no choice but to serve their customers, where they want and when they want.

Likewise, getting faster resolution to complains used to be customer delight, but now, customers expect instant responses and easier ways to connect with brands. And one of the digital channel which is increasingly becoming popular these days is Messenger based Support.

Most brands now-a-days are “very responsive” in terms of getting back to the customers, thanks to Facebook Messenger. Similar to Facebook Messenger lot of other tools like WhatsApp for Business, Viber for Business, Facebook Messenger for Business Websites, Line & WeChat, have recently been launched for companies to enable connected experience for customers.

With Messenger/ Instant Messengers as Support channel companies ensure that the connection with their customers is never broken, which is unlikely in case of Live Chats. While the brands/ companies are trying to enable a world where customers can connect with them anytime-anywhere, they are raising customer expectations for having instant response anytime-anywhere and “through any platform”.

And with customers increasingly adopting different digital channels to reach out to brands, it is imperative for companies to have a robust & cohesive system in place in order to provide seamless customer experience. A system which is not only capable of bringing all the customer queries/ complains from all the digital channels in one place but also has an ability to integrate & automate, enable concurrency, prioritize messenger queries/ complains over other channels and provide instant responses. And if this this augmented with AI for enhancing Customer Experience and taking away repeatable queries from the social media customer care representative, it becomes a winning solution.

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Kirti Kakad, Social Media Solutions Lead

A digital marketer with over 10 years of experience. Having experience in social media set up & management, ORM, social analytics & insights, campaign management, SEO, SEM and on social media tools like Brandwatch, Sprinklr, Radian6, Socio and so on. Worked with various organizations across teams like Corporate Strategy & Marketing, ERP Product Marketing & Communications, Social Media Services & Solutions Practise as well as with the Digital Marketing Delivery team.

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