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Machine Connectivity Maturity Model (MCMM) Framework for Industry4.0

Posted by: Kedar Sahasrabudhe On January 09, 2017 02:38 PM facebook linked in twitter

With the advent of Internet of Things, a connected factory is inevitable, paving the way for Industry 4.0. While many large enterprises are at the crux of Transformation it requires a calculated effort to enable this transition, starting with identifying the right solution for Machine Connectivity. The manufacturing vertical at Tech Mahindra provides dedicated IT, Engineering and consulting solutions that meet the specific requirements of OEMs and the supplier community. The unit integrates its in-depth knowledge of technology platforms, understanding of manufacturing business needs and world-class delivery capability, coupled with its partner eco-system to offer end-to-end IT and engineering solutions.

Machine connectivity is a major challenge due to the brown field nature of the current manufacturing landscape. We at Tech Mahindra understand that the shop floor comprises - numerous different equipment which have evolved over time. In order to find the right solution, we have developed a Machine Connectivity Maturity model (MCMM) which can assess the present situation and provide solution using IoT, IIoT, DNC, etc.

The first step in the process is to broadly categorize the machines into three major classes: Stand Alone, Networked and Connected. Industry 4.0 enables - seamless technology migration from Stand Alone machines to -Connected machines. But before we plan the solution, it is important to understand the current status. Assessment of the current machine landscape will enable you to architect a connected environment better.

The MCMM Framework has -three main phases: Explore, Analyze and Recommend.

  • Explore: The assessment team conducts workshops and discussions which would be recorded in assessment documents. The team also gathers the technical details of Machine and the IT environment.
  • Analyze: Based on the recorded data, the framework will decide the score of maturity of Machine connectivity. The score is recorded for maturity as well as relevance. The final score is derived based on the scores given for individual sections.
  • Recommend: The final score will be utilized to decide the solution architecture for the Machine. The existing IT environment and the Company’s IT plans are also considered along with the final score, to come out with recommended solution architecture.

The assessment scoring allows you to categorize the machines as Standalone, Networked or Connected. Any organisational objective is to achieve the highest level of maturity (Connected) to be able to find a place in Industry 4.0. Along with the classification of machines, we also emphasise on the current IT landscape, Networking landscape and Operational Technology (OT) landscape. The analysis of the environment gives greater clarity in selecting the most appropriate solution with minimum downtime and investment.

Machine connectivity is the starting point of the digital journey on the shop floor. The assessment framework provided in this White Paper provides a systematic method of understanding the current state of manufacturing IT landscape and suggesting the most suitable solutions.

The key benefits include:

  • In-depth and accelerated shop floor assessment
  • Optimized and rapid solution architecture definition
  • Cost effective plan to define Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Consultation on defining future manufacturing IT Roadmap

With the available technology stack, the future of ever evolving digital enterprise is foreseen as above (Figure1.1 State of Evolving Digital Enterprise) and MCMM Framework acts as an accelerator to move towards this future state. Click here to download the White Paper

About the author:

Kedar Sahasrabudhe joined Tech Mahindra with more than 17 years of Manufacturing, IT and Control Systems experience. He gathered domain knowledge while working for Global Automation companies like Siemens and Rockwell Automation. After gaining extensive manufacturing IT experience, Kedar contributed to IT consulting organizations like Accenture and Tata Consultancy Services to architect effective, robust and innovative solutions.

Kedar has been working on various IT platforms based on Siemens, Allen Bradley as well as SAP to deliver solutions to discrete and process manufacturers spread across the globe. He was instrumental in delivering the first ever manufacturing execution system implementation among Indian Automotive OEMs. He also played a key architect role in transformational deliveries across the globe in Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), Machine Connectivity and Industrial Automation.

At Tech Mahindra, Kedar is leading all the initiatives related with the Factory of Future in discrete as well as process industries.

Kedar holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics Engineering from Walchand College of Engineering, India and a Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management from ICFAI, India.

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