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Manage Transformation - Prepare for the next leap

Posted by: Kaushal Mehta On August 26, 2014 01:30 PM facebook linked in twitter

“Transformation” can be as simple and basic as change in choice of colours, but it always calls for something as complex as change of mindset. The trick to successful transformation lies in our ways of accepting change and managing change.

Same rationale applies to business when we talk about change in market dynamics that necessitate a change in our working patterns, which in turn ask for a change in our technology processes and platforms. This process of technology transformation is perpetual. The art to succeed lies in managing rapid technology changes in smaller, but not slower packets.

Tech Mahindra understands the need of its customers and enables them to systematically walk the transformation path and adopt change. We bring forth our “Transformation xPress” solution that comprises of managing technology change coupled with business process change. This integrated offering touches all key functions of business such as Finance, Supply Chain, Transportation, HCM etc. that are very strongly enabled by Oracle technology stack. The solution spreads across industry domains comprising of Retail, Logistics, Services, Projects, Manufacturing and more.

The value of “Transformation xPress” lies in the intertwined technology offerings touching various business functions and associated people plus process change management aspects that are embedded within. We have been successfully delivering our solutions to our global customer base and our investments have enabled our customers harvest good profits.

We strongly recommend you to take a peek in to our solutions. We are confident there shall be something relevant and helpful that shall throw open an opportunity for us to partner for collaborative growth. 

(Kaushal Mehta is Global Practice Head – Oracle E-Business Suite, Cloud Apps & VCP).
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