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Migrating and modernizing asset management system in AWS cloud

Posted by: Thooyavan Arumugam On September 12, 2019 02:21 PM facebook linked in twitter

This blog post talks about an AWS cloud migration engagement that was focusing on modernizing an asset management platform for a leading construction material manufacturer. The customer had their asset management platform hosted in a datacenter located in Sydney. The major trigger for this migration project was to upgrade the EOL (end of life) version of asset management product, IBM Maximo.

The customer had faced the following challenges:

• Poor visibility into asset health metrics & scheduled maintenance cycles

• Increased TCO towards maintenance & operations.

• The On-premise solution was deployed in multiple sites, with each site working in silos and causing a lack of visibility into asset usage across sites.

• Older version of asset management product running in EOL stage.

• The solution did not allow for standardization of maintenance practices, effective utilization of resources across locations, and did not allow for digitization or technical growth.

• To support an asset management transformation and future-proof the solution, Boral chose to implement the most current version of Maximo in the cloud.

Tech Mahindra Solution Highlights:

TechM has extensively utilized MAC (Migration Accelerator to Cloud) tool-kit to migrate Boral’s asset management solution and also re-platform the database from Oracle to DB2. AWS Well Architected Framework was followed to ensure the target platform was designed to address key pillars such as operational excellence, security, and reliability and performance efficiency.

This migration was executed with an extensive migration approach that included identifying the necessary data from the existing system, extracting data, cleansing it, and transforming the data through Maximo Integration Framework (MIF)

Implemented the enterprise asset management platform using IBM Maximo 7.6 product and migrated data from on premise Oracle to IBM DB2 on AWS Cloud. Have implemented HA (High Availability) as well as improved network latency performance using Amazon Route53, Amazon ELB and Amazon CloudFront (CDN).

IBM DB2 database was deployed on Amazon EC2. Database replication was enabled between AZ’s and supported the app in Active/Passive methodology. Mulesoft middleware is used as an enabler for data communication between Maximo and Oracle Financial application hosted in customer’s datacenter.

AWS EC2 Systems Manager was used to patch the OS periodically. Tech Mahindra also created the patch baselines and maintenance windows as per the standards set forth for patching on-going basis. Patches were scheduled to update the non-production severs initially, followed by deployment to production servers as per the TechM mCOPS (Managed Cloud Operations) standard management process.

Value Delivered to customer:

• Migrated entire asset management system to AWS.

• Latest version of Maximo ( has been implemented on AWS.

• Migrated 20+ years of multi-site data into a single data lake-style repository.

• Improved the mean-time to repair as well as reduced the long maintenance cycle as the customer is now able to provision and replace servers quickly.

• Availability and reliability of the application significantly improved since the application was redesigned to use core AWS services such as ELB and caching technologies for content delivery.

• Due to the services and features provided by AWS, Tech Mahindra could provide application availability at 99.95% to the customer at the lowest cost.

• Improved user experience with Amazon CloudFront using edge locations, and the ability to lock down the coverage area using geo restriction features.

• Environments were secured using AWS best practices and recommendations incorporated with AWS WAF. Dynamic rules were updated using AWS Lambda along with IAM, AWS Config and AWS CloudTrail

In summary, Tech Mahindra was able to overall reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), enhanced the security posture, Improved the overall response time, Enhanced security, Reduced RPO/RTO and Improved availability.

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Thooyavan Arumugam – Sr Cloud Architect, AWS Practice, Tech Mahindra

Thooyavan has more than 15 years of IT experience. He is AWS Certified Solution Architect and DevOps Professional. Part of Tech Mahindra AWS Practice, he is responsible for providing AWS solutions as well as managing cloud operations for various customers. He has also delivered few vertical based solutions on AWS platform.

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