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Moving towards Converged Network-IT Operations

Posted by: Raj Sahakari On February 24, 2015 01:17 PM facebook linked in twitter

Raj Sahakari, Principal Consultant, Network Technology Solutions and Services, Tech Mahindra

In my previous blog, I spoke of how today’s “Managed Services” game is played and the challenges that CSPs face on account of IT and Network operations handled independently.

In light of the same, there is only one option – converge the operations of both Network and IT, and get that optimization done. But who can handle such a massive transformation? – It has to be a player who understands the nuances of the two areas and has the capacity to shoulder the responsibility of such operations. Let us call this entity, a Converged Network-IT Managed Services (CNW-ITMS) Provider.

How easy would this job be?

A CNW-ITMS Provider has a big job at hand though – assess the end-to-end operations processes and redefine them; take an inventory stock of the tools and consolidate them to ensure effective usage and relevance; use dashboards to get an overall view of CSP services; interact with the respective CSP departments to provide daily updates as per SLAs; automate operations wherever possible; and perform IT + network analytics to enhance business insight. In a nutshell, the CNW-ITMS Provider has to efficiently monitor and control all of the CSP Network as well as the entire IT application stack from a Centralized Operations Center.

The Gains

One thing is for sure – once the convergence is achieved, faults and issues would be resolved much faster, and services would be restored much quicker, thereby improving the end customer experience.

The task list looks long, but the accrued benefits more than cover up for the efforts. And there are some hidden advantages too, like saving on space and power. Getting multi-location CSP operations under one roof has a direct bearing on the carbon footprint. Who wouldn’t want such a ‘green’ solution?

I agree that CSPs are in the initial stages of this thought but I think the need for convergence is fast catching up, especially with evolutionary trends like SDNand NFV. The standardization bodies have a role to play too. It is high time they include converged operations in their agenda and start formulating specifications, processes, frameworks and interfaces to facilitate a wider and quicker adoption of converged operations.

I would be happy to know your thoughts.

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