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Our Journey of Expansion in Philippines

Posted by: Anand Achuthan On May 20, 2015 05:25 PM facebook linked in twitter

Today when I sit and pen down my experience of launching our second Cebu Centre, I am flooded with the memories of past seven years of doing business in Philippines.

2008, just feels like yesterday when we were contemplating the decision to launch our business center in Philippines. Here we are today, operational with four centers and 2900 associates.

BSG at Cebu, again: Our journey of expansion in the Philippines

The Filipino celebration at the Cebu launch

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Why Philippines?

The ease of doing business in the Philippines was a welcome experience compared to some of the other countries we have dealt with. There is nothing hidden in the fact that Philippines is one of the easier countries to operate in and do business. It has been ranked amongst the ‘Top 100 countries to do business with’ by World Bank. 

Over the years, this has clearly been exemplified in the way they operate. Their liberalized and business friendly economy, abundance of resources and unlimited business opportunities makes it easy and fruitful to do business here.

We started with just 25 associates as a pilot project for a leading telecom operator as our first client in Philippines. Within a year we were touching the 500 mark with four operational clients.  There were those initial challenges accompanied by lots of learnings - about the people, culture, professional values and above all, the weather dependencies - the frequent typhoons and ensuing mass floods was a reality to be dealt with. 

Now, we needed a viable alternate location for expansion and business continuity.  Several scouting expeditions and several man hours of research, and we finalized the location, Cebu it was!

How Cebu became our choice?

Cebu is the oldest and second largest city in Philippines with the local government focused on developing the best in class infrastructure. The outsourcing industry here is at an all-time high with skilled workforce readily available and English being one of the most popular languages.

Cebu is not just a feasible business location but also a happy place to be in. It is the most popular tourist destination in Philippines because of the beautiful white sand beaches that have a palliative effect. It has this festive atmosphere all-round the year which makes you forget all your worries, leaving you happy and extremely affectionate.

In the year 2011, we had set up a green field project in Cebu to test the waters.   Since this project was so close to my heart, I myself moved to Cebu for six months and personally handpicked every single employee.  One thing which was consistent in every employee, was their sincerity and work ethics. I have worked in a lot of countries prior to this but have never found such dedication anywhere else.

Our customers have been ecstatic with our performance in Cebu. 

Second center in Cebu launched 

It’s 2015 and our dream of having a second permanent delivery location in Cebu has finally come true. This time in the IT park, allowing us to enjoy the best of all worlds and ensuring we have access to labor pool across the city. Currently, the facility accommodates 500 associates, which we plan to expand eventually.  We deliver the best in class omni-channel frameworks and back office support in multiple languages from this location.

We ensure that we have an appropriate blend of employees - for those who really want to become a part of our brand, those who want to work together with pride and embark on establishing a successful career.  This is great for us as a brand, for our overall presence and growth in the country and to have a contended customer base.  Tech Mahindra has been continuously emerging as a brand leader, and it all starts with great people we have in our fast growing Filipino family.

About the Author

Anand Achuthan is the Group Delivery Head for Tech Mahindra Business Services Group in the Philippines. Anand is responsible for growing the business with key focus on driving delivery and creating long-term partnerships with existing and incoming clientele for Tech Mahindra in Philippines.

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