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Paving the path towards Cognitive Capabilities

Posted by: Ashish Prajapati On March 23, 2018 04:02 PM facebook linked in twitter

During my childhood computer classes, I heard my teacher talk about the generation of computers. Right from the usage of vacuum tubes to transistors to IC’s to VLSI & ULSI to Nanotechnology and how machines gradually will build capabilities to listen, talk, understand & learn. Lot has happened during all these years and almost everyone is awed by advent of cloud computing, vast amount of sensors around, social networks, humongous data, robots to help humans and artificial intelligence. This has also led to a situation where there is complexity in processing and assimilating information produced by such innovations – today we struggle to make sense of it.

One such innovation in automation technologies to make things simpler for us is RPA or Robotics Process Automation.

RPA in the recent times has been instrumental in bringing transformation to the way enterprises run their operations today, by adding considerable amount of automation, especially for tasks that are mundane, repeatable and are often volume intensive. This fascination as it may seem, is achieved by a software robot that is coded to mimic human actions and the sequence of activities, just as a human would do while processing a transaction, only difference being that these robots runs on steroids and completes the transactions in a fraction of time. This rule based automation is good enough for transactions that deal with structured data and are deterministic, however, not all business processes are such and most require proficient decision making capabilities like humans.

This requirement lays the foundation for Intelligent Automation or Cognitive Automation.

What is Cognitive Automation?

Cognitive Automation is when RPA robots capable of executing defined transactions at a speed are catapulted by a machine’s ability to listen, understand, talk & learn. It is the capability of the machine to do speech & image recognition, understand intent & context, figure out sentiments, behaviors and use the extracts to perform deep data analysis and make predictions, prescriptions & reasoning. All this to simulate human thought process in a computerized model. It uses data mining, self-learning algorithms, pattern recognition & NLP to make decisions with disparate and unstructured data flowing around us.

As we all know, such cognitive systems are progressively improving their skills to think, learn & adapt, but they are still far from matching the dexterity of a human brain. However, we must acknowledge that their capabilities have been greatly enhanced during the last few years. Those who find themselves belonging to the Zoltan gang or stand by transhumanism will vouch that a true AI enabled bot is not far.

As we continue to steadfast ahead, there would be numerous applications of cognitive bot’s that will start making a difference into our lives, businesses & healthcare.

For instance a mobile customer writing to a telecom provider for a waiver of late fee can find a resolution without having to speak to a human. All this would be enabled by a cognitive bot which can analyze vast amount of customer history, profile, past payment records and perform a sentiment analysis of the email excerpt. All this put together, can in few seconds decide whether a waiver is to be approved or denied.

Another application in the healthcare industry would be enabling medical practitioners prescribe better and take more informed decisions using the cognitive ability of a system to accumulate large volumes of patient historical data and extract meaningful information from it. All this within seconds.

Cognitive will continue to attract tech savvy professionals to understand & explore limitless possibilities it has to offer. It will continue to intrigue their left brain and push them to think about captivating industrial applications. Sophia is a clear example of how things are shaping up and what the future has in store. All we need to do is stay hungry.

About Author

Ashish Prajapati, Sr. Manager RPA Pre-Sales & Solutioning, Tech Mahindra

Ashish has 13+ years of experience in running business operations across multiple domains. He has deep understanding of various automation techniques, which have evolved over the time and has exposure towards Automation Technologies, Digital Customer Experience Transformation, IoT & Connected homes & offices eco-systems. He currently serves as a Sr. Manager RPA Pre-Sales & Solutioning, in RPA practice in Tech Mahindra leveraging leading RPA products of the market to design best of the breed and competitive techno-commercial solutions to wide spectrum of clients across the globe.

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