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Redefining Customer Experience in Communications Industry

Posted by: Shailesh Patwardhan On October 29, 2014 12:39 PM facebook linked in twitter

Not too long ago when the voice and data were the main components of product portfolio, the customer experience was defined through Cycle-Time and Right-First-Time measures for the Concept-to-Market, Lead-to-Cash and Trouble-to-Resolve Business Processes.

But as the customer demand is shifting from “minutes to bytes to apps, content & digital services”, the definition of customer experience too needs a shift. In this era of apps, content & digital services, the customer experience would be best articulated by the “Discover-to-Care” Journey, which comprises of ‘Discover –> Evaluate –> Buy –> Access –> Use –> Care’ sub-journeys. Where ‘Discover’ relates to the discovery of relevant services by the customer or prospect and concludes with in-life Care of the services provided. ‘Discover-to-Care’ Journey offers one definitive dimension of the Customer Experience. Other elements required to complete the redefined Customer Experience are increasingly diverse set of Channels and leveraging customer insights (or customer lifetime value) at all touch-points along the “Discover-to- Care” Journey. Some of the examples of this redefined customer experience are:

  • Customer or Prospect able to discover available Digital Services through the web or social channels using a mobile app
  • Customer or Prospect is recommended suitable digital services offers based on his profile, usage patterns and preferences
  • Customer is able to seamlessly access digital services with minimal prompts or questions while enjoying the highest level of security
  • Customer is presented with consistent care experience regardless of the partners involved in the delivery of digital services

To achieve this Redefined Customer Experience, Service Providers are complementing conventional channels such as Web Self-Care, Contact Centre, Retail POS, Email/SMS with powerful mobile and tablet based applications for retailer stores, dealers and for customers as well. Recently opened Verizon Wireless Smart Store representatives now use tablets to assist customers with sales and service. Representatives are able to spend more time with customers with the barrier of the cash register/counter eliminated. The company is also integrating systems to make it easy for customers to do business with them across all contact points – online, in stores and through telesales. Not so distant future will also see use of wearable technology for use in retail stores. Social media channel is already proving useful for improving customer experience through better customer engagement. Thus a uniform multi-channel experience with consistent branding through the ‘Discover to Care Journey’ will be critical to achieving the expectations of Redefined Customer Experience.

Service Providers are also leveraging Customer Insights for proactive approach towards the customer engagements. Adoption of Recommendation Engines during Discover & Buy sub-journeys, to prompt for suitable offers based on customer profile and buying preferences of others with similar profile is becoming an important requirement in the world of apps, contents & digital services.

Tech Mahindra’s Communications strategy is completely focused on the clients of our customer base and we have a rich collection of Business Intelligence and Customer Lifecycle Management solutions that can help service providers in understanding dimensions of Redefined Customer Experience and exploiting power of Channels and Customer Insights, resulting in compelling “Customer Experience” solutions.

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