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SDN & NFV Experts Descend on The Hague for SDN & OpenFlow World Congress

Posted by: Manish Singh On October 07, 2016 06:55 PM facebook linked in twitter

The SDN & OpenFlow World Congress is taking place from 10th-14th October at The Hague, The Netherlands. This is where networking experts from across the globe will meet to discuss the future of networks. Networking strategies will be at the forefront for both telecom and enterprise networks. As networks transform with SDN & NFV, this event has become the Mecca of influencing and shaping the future of networking. 

Here is what I am looking forward to at this year’s Congress.

Fragmentation risk with Open Source. 

Open source is playing a critical role in shaping the future of software-centric, hyper-scale networks. Challenge for the industry now is: are there too many open source options? Take SDN controllers for example: ODL, ONOS, OpenContrail etc. are all open source solutions with varying architectures, differentiating features like HA (High Availability), differing set of southbound interfaces, APIs and more. Or take various MANO open source solutions including OSM and Open-O. So the strategic questions facing the industry are: Are there too many open source solutions? Are we risking market fragmentation?

Next week at Congress there would be plenty to discuss on this. 


Tech Mahindra has whole-heartedly embraced open source solutions. We leveraged OpenStack for our LTE vEPC Reference Implementation. We further developed a rich suite of applications over OpenDayLight, including Bandwidth-on-Demand, Bandwidth Calendaring, Smart City, etc. We are now strategically involved in the CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) open source initiative. CORD is developing Central Office (CO) transformation blueprint using SDN, NFV and Cloud technologies to dis-aggregate, virtualize, and create open source solutions for various services. Tech Mahindra teams are actively contributing to both R-CORD (Residential CORD) and M-CORD (Mobility CORD) programs. At the Congress, on October 10th, I’ll be speaking on .“Conquering the challenges of deploying open source solutions. From PoC (Concept) to PoD (Deployment)”

5G and Enterprise Networking

I am also looking forward to exciting discussions on 5G & Enterprise Networking. SD-WAN is poised to reshape the Enterprise Networking market. And 5G seems to be the uber panacea of networking - one network addressing diverging needs of: (a) Ultra Mobile Broadband, (b) Massive IoT and (c) Mission Critical Applications. As I recently spoke in my interview with SdxCentral, I do believe Virtualized Architectures and Network Slicing are going to be key pillars of 5G to meet such diverging needs.

Join us at the Congress!

So, if you are attending the SDN & OpenFlow World Congress next week then I invite you to please join my session on Conquering the challenges of deploying open source solutions.. In case you miss the session, I will be delighted to meet you on the sidelines of the Congress. Let’s discuss Open Source, CORD, SD-WAN, 5G & more at next week’s SDN & OpenFlow Congress!

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