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Posted by: Dr. (Colonel) Surendra Patnaik On July 21, 2015 12:04 PM facebook linked in twitter

Coinciding with the World Skill Day, PM, Narendra Modi, launched Skill India Campaign in the presence of Political and Industrial big wigs which included our own beloved visionary, Mr Anand Mahindra. PM Stressed that India can be the Human Resource Capital of the World.

The mission has set a target to skill 24 lakh workers this year and 40.2 crore workers by 2022. It will be led by a governing council which will be chaired by the PM and include various ministries and NITI Aayog.

Although we have made a humble start, the mission is certainly a major landmark to happen without hitches. Training 40 crores in six years, approximately works out to 7 crores per year by no means a small task even for a major democracy like India. A concentrated effort from the Govt. and the Corporate, through their CSR activities will be required to be fully coordinated and integrated to ensure success.

Taking a step back, India has always enjoyed being the major educated youth provider to the Globe, but when we analyse in their employability, there are major short falls, leading to discontentment & employability amongst the youth. While a handful institutes did well to provide quality output, majority of them still show dismal performance, leading to more and more discontentment amongst the educated youth.

While PM’s vision is noble, this is broadly for regularising the unorganised sector employability in the country which needs to be controlled from to ensure quality and build global infrastructure wherein Indian tradesmen an important role.

For skill improvement along with the training of the tradesmen in the unorganised sector, we also have to address the quality of education system including higher education. All-round improvement of the youth is a must for better employability and continuance in employability.

Along with the unorganised Sector, we also need to improve the organised sector skill set, to improve their employability rate and ability to compete globally.

This certainly calls for bridging the gap between the Industry and the Academia. We in the industry cannot remain silent watchers in this anymore and need to plunge into the main stream for playing our bit for the vision of our country and our own betterment. We have the bandwidth and the technology to make it happen.

Let’s all RISE to make this happen.

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Awesome thoughts. each of us has a responsibility to do our bit. one person taking responsibility for even 1 person will make a huge difference

Posted by:Tarun | 7/22/2015 1:50:27 PM

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