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Shifting Test Automation to the Left of SDLC

Posted by: Ish Kumar On November 23, 2015 10:49 AM facebook linked in twitter

With IT facing increased cost pressures and need to improve time to market, business is looking for solutions which will enable SHIFT LEFT of automation and software development. Solutions, which will enable testers to focus on business requirements, while having a holistic automation solution, do remaining testing activities.

TechM, over a period of last 3 years has designed "Design to Execution (D2E)" framework which automates most almost all the aspects of testing. This solution is technology agnostic enabling applications built over diversified technologies to quickly embrace automation and enable delivery on key business objectives

- Reduction in Cycle Time

- Reduction in Cost of Operations

- Improved Customer Experience

- Improved Product Quality

TechM Design to Execution (D2E)automation framework – D2E automation enables tester to focus on modelling the business requirements in a way which ensures consistency in the way business users intended the usage. Subsequently, rest of the phases from test design to test execution is automated. D2E solution leverages COTS products and TechM IP to automate various aspects of testing and provide a seamless integrated automation experience to testers. Key components of this solution are listed below

Automation Testing

Automated Test Design – This approach enables tester to focus on requirements and develop model test scenarios. Models are walk through with SME and business client and once requirements are base lined, test cases and test scripts are generated from the model automatically even before application code is deployed.

Test Data Automation – Test Data Automation helps to creates, Integrate and manage test data required for execution of Test script successfully. Test Data automation solutions have been extended to evolve into Self-Serve solutions

Interface Virtualization – Automation test execution integrates with CA LISA and other bespoke simulation solutions to reduce code and availability dependency on interfacing applications and network which results in cycle time reduction and faster productivity.

Automated Test Script – TechM has developed solutions to import models and test cases - generated from Conformiq / Manual test cases written in English – and convert them into executable instructions. Solution supports conversion in scripts which can be executed on various technologies – QTP, Selenium, Perl, etc

Automated Test Execution – Over a period of 5 years, TechM has invested, developed and used automation framework which abstracts complexities of implementing technologies – QTP, UFT, Selenium, Sikuli, Perl, iOS, etc. This feature makes automation framework technology agnostic and a lot more tester friendly. This framework also eliminates the need to have army of QTP, Selenium experts. Now TechM test organization has engineers who are more aligned to business and most of the testing is automated.

Integrated Test Management – D2E solution provides interfaces to integrate automation results with test management solutions like HP QC and CA Rally. D2E solution has also developed APIs to integrate with bespoke solutions.

Benefits Realized (for one of the largest Test Transformation Program in TechM):

Single solution supporting automation in Application Testing, E2E testing, Production Validation Testing significantly reducing efforts to train resources and maintain solution

- > 60% of application test design automated

- ~60% of application test execution automated

- 20% - 30% improvement in productivity realized

Automation Testing Benefits

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