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Play globally, win locally. That seems to be the motto on sports marketing in 2014 as it evolves into a multi-layered revenue generating model for various sectors – from tourism to Information Technology (IT). By definition, sports marketing spans a variety of products, including sports teams, sporting events and venues and athletes endorsing an array of brands, any brand can tap into sports marketing, forge sports partnerships and practice some of the top trends that are winning over fans and scoring big-league revenue.

Great sports have deep and enduring local roots - which in turn help to shape their global commercial potential and reach. The beautiful game is no different and the FIFA World Cup in Brazil epitomises the potential and execution. Organising the world’s biggest sporting extravaganza has wider social and economic implications that may offset the related financial costs. The profile, goodwill and tourism revenues generated by FIFA World Cup can bring major benefits to cities and entire countries, which is why governments are so keen to encourage and attract them. And Brazil is showing the way forward.

A case in study is the historic city of Salvador - a world cup venue, the first capital of Brazil's Portuguese colonial administration and one of the main centres of the global slave trade with a key African ancestry, but now a culture hub of the country uplifted by an incredible arts movement.

And in Salvador, where the foreign tourists are flocking during the World Cup, the graphiti art on the walls is a major attraction. Denizens of Salvador attribute their city’s infrastructural gains to Antônio Magalhães Neto, the new mayor. But it actually lies in the essence of the city and the marketing of the World Cup.

And lo and behold! If you are from Mumbai, you can connect to the most well-known plate of food there – Acaraje - a Brazilian version of the vada pav. When it comes to sports marketing, the game is always changing. Marketing plan mainstays change everyday, and recent trends become mainstream. But for every trend that finds footing, fails or fades away, another pops up in its place.

Even the armchair quarterback or the couch potato today has a live audience. During the height of mid-game action, fans are dividing their attention between the TV screen and their computer and mobile screens. Advertisers are cashing in with promotions, commercials and experiences targeted at these fans. And believe me, that’s no longer annoying distractions. Because that’s when fans can trash talk with other sports fans on Facebook and Twitter, enter polls and contests, learn extra stats and watch instant replays and highlight reels.

It’s about more scoring, less snoring. And at Tech Mahindra, we are connecting to Brazil during the World Cup and beyond with the same philosophy. Its just the half time score card in Tech Mahindra.

The Brazilian market is one of the fastest growing enterprise solutions markets. Tech Mahindra is now providing proprietary solutions for large manufacturing, financial and consumer services companies in Brazil, which accounts for 49% of the $32 billion Latin American IT services market. While we are managing IT services for the football World Cup, we look forward to provide an increased impetus to an already rapidly growing IT services market in Brazil, which will host the Olympics in 2016.

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