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What connects football and an IT company?

It is indeed the celebration of the spirit of the game and the joy of connecting technology with a phenomenon of such a large magnitude. And in 2014, the answer’s simpler – Tech Mahindra. But in 2009, it was a different ballgame. The challenge was how to connect in 2010 where South Africa was hosting the first ever World Cup in the African continent. But Tech Mahindra (erstwhile Mahindra Satyam) turned it into an opportunity to provide information technology services and event management solutions at the most watched event in the world.

The biggest challenge was that an event management system had never been designed and implemented on anything even close to the scale of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. During the previous World Cup events, technology solutions that were used primarily comprised client-server packaged solutions bought by FIFA for each World Cup.

140 TechM engineers based in Chennai, Bangalore and Zurich started working round-the-clock, to give FIFA what it required: a world-class suite of applications including an event management system to be developed and deployed across its events, that would take care of end-to-end activities pertaining to ticketing, accreditation, transport management, and volunteer and materials management among others. Thus came CLOUD, an Event Management System (EMS) with 20 software modules, that ensure seamless movement of all fans, delegates, staff and volunteers across 64 matches and $1+billion worth of technology assets - flat screen televisions, mobile phones, and laptops deployed, 1 million-odd hours of development work, more than 3 million tickets, 250,000 accreditations, 130,000 volunteers, 1,000 vehicles, and 10 stadia in South Africa. We also created the first multilingual (eight languages) ticketing contact centre for the World Cup in South Africa.

Alongside the CLOUD, Tech Mahindra also developed Team Service, software that helped each of the 32 teams plan and request logistics for training and practice games. From space management to transportation to deployment of personnel to assisting journalists covering the event – between CLOUD and Team Service, FIFA managed it all.

And in Brazil 2014, Tech Mahindra still remains the only Indian connection in the World Cup, working on legacy asset monetization and tech modernization. Our connected solutions have indeed connected the world!

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