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Tech Mahindra Cloud Aggregation Platform (CAP) – Achieve 360º Cloud Nirvana Digitally!

Posted by: Manish Sharma On March 28, 2016 12:23 PM facebook linked in twitter

The Cloud Market globally is expected to see a 2X growth by 2019 from a $150 billion to a whopping $300 billion as forecasted by Gartner. However, the Cloud Brokerage market is slated to see a 4X growth from $5 billion to $20 billion. This may look huge prima facie but actually it’s just that we have started to scratch the surface.

Few years back this concept called Cloud took the IT world by storm by disrupting the traditional approach to manage the IT infrastructure. Since then the world has moved from treating Cloud as an innovative concept to being considered a new normal. Every CIO from a large to small enterprise today talks about Cloud in their strategy in discernible shapes and forms. The offerings by Cloud providers by models like public, private and the model that has a celebrity status among CIOs - hybrid Cloud has completely transformed every business globally. The enormous benefits of Cloud has just started precipitating.

Cloud has just glamorized the IT infrastructure. Who would have thought few years back that there is going to be a new technology world which will not be limited by any boundary – in reality as well as metaphorically? A world where applications are not a subset of technology but a subset of business. A world which is scalable up to infinity and a world which comprises of a universe packed in a box. And all at a fraction of cost that you used to spend on your IT infrastructure!

Isn’t it exciting enough? The good news for you is that this is just a beginning of an exciting era. The technology world is now looking at what more can be done with Cloud. How Cloud can enable to help generate revenues from the sources which were ab initio absent?

We at Tech Mahindra contemplated on this argument precociously and tried to redefine this new ecosystem created by Cloud. In the digital era where Cloud plays a pivotal role, the decision making has shifted from “CIO only” to a more collaborative cartel of CXOs (where X is Information, Marketing, Product, and Strategy etc). Our way to satiate the needs of these new decision makers is to follow a platformized approach to address business problems and market needs.

Our unique Cloud Aggregation Platform (CAP) powered by automation and driven by analytical tools integrates multiple Cloud offerings on a single platform using marketplace concept. With this digital platform you can target the entire XaaS spectrum (where X can be Software, Product, Infrastructure, Platform, Hardware etc.) to service your customers. The platform was built with an intent to optimize the OPEX of the customers amalgamated with significant improvement in UX of consuming services on Cloud.

The use cases are spawned across B2B or B2B2B or B2B2C or D2C space with different value propositions as listed below:

1. Telcos (CSPs): Communication Service Providers (CSPs) globally can use CAP as a model to generate new source of revenue which is non-linear in nature. CAP addresses the revenue shrinkage syndrome of CSPs which is caused by their traditional market being taken by Over The Top (OTT) players. By bundling third party Cloud Services with their traditional offerings through CAP, CSPs can increase the customer stickiness drastically.

2. Telcos (CTPs): Communication Technology Providers (CTPs) can create marketplace for their products and can sell them on as a service model. This not only creates an automated provisioning platform for their products but also increases the customer reach drastically.

3. Large Enterprises / Telcos Internal Marketplaces: CAP serves as an opportunity for not only improving the UX for your employees which are your internal customers but also acts as a mechanism to use your contextual IT services meticulously by converting them into internal subscription models.

4. Enterprises External Marketplaces: CAP can enable enterprises to SaaSify their traditional products and then provisioning them through the marketplace ditching the traditional license based product / service selling models. This not only improves the customer acquisition dramatically but also enables the enterprises to improve the revenue through their products / services.

5. Universal Marketplace: CAP advocates on establishing democratic Cloud e-commerce channel where the Cloud offerings can be compared and subscribed similar to retail e-commerce model. This is run on a concept of creating Digital Marketplace which can directly service the end customer who may have a limited know how of IT / IT enabled offerings.

Further the author forecasts a drastic change in the entire XaaS market. The ask of customer will be changed from “can you move me to Cloud?” to “what can I do more with my Cloud and how can you help me?”

The time is NOW when we need to start imagining how a laptop will be consumed on Cloud going forward? Observing the current Cloud trend is that soon the customer will pay only for services and not the product anymore. This will be an era of Services as a Product (SaaP) and products of today will be sold as service (PRaaS).

The above business model will create a new Cloud SCM where demands will keep multiplying exponentially and customer would expect a more democratic and transparent business models. That is where CAP and its partner ecosystem will create a democratic Cloud Marketplace across XaaS spectrum amalgamated with a transparent Cloud Exchange model.

Our vision is to “Create extreme value for our suppliers, customers, hosters and resellers so that they want to use our channel as their primary source of sale”.

Recently Cloud Aggregation Platform (CAP) received coveted Economic Times Telecom Award 2016 in the category of “best innovation in Cloud based technology”. This is a true reflection of Industry wide recognition and endorsement for our platform which has further bolstered our belief to bring in the transformation in the Cloud ecosystem.

Manish Sharma receiving the coveted Economic Times Telecom Awards 2016

Manish Sharma, Platform Head for Tech Mahindra Cloud Aggregation Platform receiving the coveted Economic Times Telecom Awards 2016 at The Oberoi, New Delhi on 11th March 2016.

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