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Tech Mahindra's Field Quality and Cost Control (FQCC) Platform

Posted by: Kannan Marghasahayam On September 09, 2016 03:24 PM facebook linked in twitter

Field Quality Issue Discovery and Traceability framework by Tech Mahindra's manufacturing vertical bridges the critical gap between product failure identification, diagnosis & resolution and loops the Customer Service, Quality, Production, Sourcing, and Engineering departments. Visibility into on-field information from the point of failure to source of failure and suppliers helps OEMs in

- Reducing Detection to Correction (DTC) times by 25 to 50 percent

- Reduce overall warranty related costs by 10 to 20 percent

- Improve Early warning by up to 50 percent

Field Quality Issue Discovery and Traceability framework helps multiple stakeholders:

- Manufacturing and Quality Assurance can trace information back through a product's value chain and expose critical elements that lead to the root causes of its failure.

- Field Quality Analysts can proactively explore structured and unstructured data to discover emerging issues, identify problems, and detect key factors in product failures.

- Supplier Quality engineers can identify which supply locations require value-added/value-engineering (VA/VE) assistance.

- Purchasing and Sourcing can quickly aggregate and analyze claim data at a supplier and part-number level to improve supplier charge back and increase leverage during contract negotiations.

- Engineering can identify critical field failure and reliability data that can be used during part selection and product improvements.

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