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Tech Mahindra Network Services achieves a milestone in the Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) studies

Posted by: Michael Kefauver On October 26, 2016 03:52 PM facebook linked in twitter

Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)  studies, sometimes called EME for Electro-magnetic Energy studies, are used to determine whether or not wireless transmission sites comply with FCC standards for maximum human exposure to RF radiation.  Tech Mahindra  has recently achieved an industry milestone by completing over 11,000 Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) studies for its Tier 1 mobile, satellite, and other wireless customers.

But you need to know the story before we move forward.

When commercial, wireless communications systems are deployed, the operators of those systems are mandated to comply with certain Radio Frequency (RF) emission safety guidelines. The FCC has set certain standards and rules to ensure the general public, and those working on wireless transmission sites, are not exposed to unsafe or unhealthy levels of RF radiation. For those who own and operate wireless transmission systems, failure to comply with the FCC rules could result in hefty fines and other penalties. All wireless transmission sites (e.g. towers, rooftops, water tanks, billboards, etc.) are required to conform to the FCC rules.

Tech Mahindra- a leader in MPE Studies

Tech Mahindra has been performing these studies for many years and many different customers, and this milestone demonstrates a high level of experience and competency, in addition to their trustworthiness with the customers they have supported in the past and continue to support today.

Tech Mahindra can provide an objective third-party evaluation and is equipped to support wireless network operators with both desktop and field measurement services in the evaluation of any number of sites for determining FCC compliance. All studies include recommendations for any necessary changes or improvements, and in addition to providing the MPE studies, Tech Mahindra can support its customers with all mitigation efforts, including installation of signage and barriers required to achieve FCC compliance.

Meet us at Tech Mahindra’s Network Services conclave to know more!

Join us on the 26th of October at the Tech Mahindra Network Services Conclave, San Francisco,  where Tech Mahindra Network Services leadership team will present our strategy to transform network services for our customers. Meet Tech Mahindra’s leaders who would be happy to explain our leadership in MPE studies, as well as the portfolio of Network services that we have on offer. The event will feature leading industry analysts as well as customers and partners who will share their insights, and discuss latest solutions and opportunities that can be applied to your business to reduce costs, accelerate innovation, transform your business and foster growth.

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