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Tech Mahindra, Football and the spirit of Rise™

Posted by: Team TechMahindra On July 04, 2014 02:42 PM facebook linked in twitter

2010 was a defining year. Africa hosted the first football world cup on its soil and the tournament in South Africa was redefined by Tech Mahindra’s ground-breaking and visionary IT solutions and services for the beautiful game to reach out to the maximum audience.

Tech Mahindra helped manage more than $1 billion in assets (such as cell phones, flat-screen TVs, laptops and other expensive equipment used in the World Cup), and co-ordinate and transport more than 230,000 staff, volunteers and delegates from over 40 countries - including 10,000 daily trips in a fleet of 1,000 cars, buses, trucks and vans. It enabled electronic ticket sales and accreditation for the event watched by 2.4 billion people across over 214 countries.

A 140-strong group of Tech Mahindra crew, the official information technology service provider for the FIFA World Cup Soccer, landed in Johannesburg, the largest team from a single country and company participating in the World Cup, the number most closely matched only by a 122-person BBC crew. The rest is history. The IT solutions provided to the most watched sporting event in the world resulted in enriching the experience of all fans arriving in stadiums to watch the 64 matches and ensuring seamless movement of all delegates, staff and volunteers.

The company's applications for the tournament cover systems for accreditation, space and material management, transportation, volunteer management, infrastructure, intranet and extranet at the venues, apart from helpdesk services. The first Indian company to be associated with the world's biggest sporting events – the 2010 FIFA World Cup – Tech Mahindra managed some mind-boggling statistic: $1 billion worth of technology assets, 1 million-odd hours of development work, 3 million tickets, 250,000 accreditations, 130,000 volunteers, 1,000 vehicles, 64 matches, 10 stadia in South Africa, we are seamlessly integrating IT systems for the world to enjoy the game.

In Brazil 2014, we are doing the same. Because we deliver the game to you with a philosophy called RISE. In Sports, staying competitive is the name of the game.

Different sports and sporting formats have varying reach and penetration across our target segments. Hence, a match of product and brand objectives with the sport and sporting format is the way we approach our association with sport.

Since its inception in 2006, the award winning sports practice at Tech Mahindra has been pioneering IT solutions and services for sports.

In 2008, Tech Mahindra inked a three-year deal with the technological arm of the UEFA, the governing body for football in Europe, to provide mobile content for UEFA’s footballing events. In the first for an Indian techie firm, Tech Mahindra was selected to provide mobile content hosting and delivery platform worldwide of UEFA-conducted events from the scratch - creation of the platform to integrating with mobile operator networks worldwide and delivering football content from UEFA competitions, including the European (Euro) Nations Cup and UEFA Champions League (for top continental clubs).

2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa was our pedestal to RISE to a new platform; it was also the most cost effective IT solution to be ever deployed at a large sporting event.

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