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The Future of Care Management via CareNxt

Posted by: Jebastin Daniel On September 21, 2018 02:38 PM facebook linked in twitter

The Next Generation Patient Engagement Platform from tech Mahindra leveraging technology to enable care

Lifestyle changes, technology advancements and customer expectations have been some of the key driving factors to today’s state-of-the-art customer engagement platforms, enabling providers to engage with their customers, “anywhere and anytime”. These platforms are constantly evolving, becoming more intelligent and continuously disrupting the way providers engage with the customers.

A closer look at today’s Health Care industry will help us understand that the industry is no stranger to this evolution and adaption - “Precision Services” and “Proactive Patient Care” has become the norms in today’s provider space. With focus on patient wellness, providers today are tasked in providing

  • Lower cost care
  • Precision services
  • Proactive (Preventive) care programs

However due to disparate systems and disconnected processes, the biggest challenge that persists today is a provider’s ability to continuously engage with its patients, whether it is to keep them away from hospitalization and drive better outcomes, or monitor their recovery post a major operation or covering seniors living in hospice care or terminally ill patients living in home care or hospice care. It could also cover the ability of patients to be able to get the needed care at the right time.

Another key aspect in this industry is one’s ability to rely on resources to execute tasks seamlessly; a typical care manager or a home health worker is a mobile workforce visiting their patient on a routine basis. Their day is comprised of travel to each of the patient’s home to provide a wide variety of services from skilled healthcare delivery services to being a companion providing the needed help.

Salesforce Health Cloud provides a platform that enables a seamless precision patient care and addresses today’s challenges. However, the platform lacks the capability to schedule and manage appointments; but thanks to Salesforce’s Field Service Lightning solution that provides the state-of-the-art scheduler / dispatcher modules that can be leveraged to manage patient appointments in real-time. Also, it is important to draw intelligent insights on the underlying patient data to enable proactive care – Einstein Analytics does just that.

Tech Mahindra’s CareNext solution is diligently designed leveraging the power of Salesforce Products to provide a connected care management solution that enables not just the 360 view but also to schedule and manage appointments:

  • Salesforce Health Cloud
  • Field Services
  • Einstein Analytics

A single pane of glass provides a 360 view of a patient to all personas involved in a patient journey – Care Manager, Patient, Care Giver, Provider, Transport and Pharmacist.

Key features of the solution:

  • 360 View of Patient through “Single Pane of Glass” built on top of Health Cloud, Field Services and Analytics Modules
  • A dynamic dispatcher / scheduler engine (Salesforce Field Service Lightning), that brings in efficiency and can alter the schedule in real time or near real-time
  • A mobile solution that is accessible on the go
  • Remotely monitor certain patients – patients who are not high risk and can be offered a lower number of personal visits and can be managed remotely using technology
  • Interact with the eco-system and place orders that is driven by a workflow for approvals without having to communicate on the telephone – more process driven

Advantages of the solution:

  • Cloud based solution with HIPAA protection and other security needs
  • Easy to setup, configure allowing for faster rollouts
  • Easy to use, Scalable and highly secure cloud based solution that can be accessed from anywhere anytime
  • Single provider providing end-to-end solution minimizing the integration in the core systems
  • Ability to integrate with external partners, systems and other entities in a more organized fashion
  • In built logistics algorithm, connectivity to wearables, video conferencing, etc.

With technology as the lever these platforms continuously evolve disrupting the way providers engage with the patients. Some key technology advancements that are transforming the next generation patient engagement platform includes: IOT, AI, RPA, and Analytics.

Here are some of the applications of these technology advancements in the healthcare space:

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (IOT)
  • Connected Devices - Mobiles, Wearables to constantly report patient health (IOT)
  • Accurate and faster diagnosis of diseases (AI)
  • Virtual Agents (Bots) to engage in Patient on-boarding (AI)
  • A highly personalized precision care plan based on history, environmental factors, demographics, population health (AI)
  • Training routine recommendations for proactive care (AI)
  • Accurate drug dosage and recommendations (AI)
  • Optimized schedules to increase productivity of doctors and nurses (AI)
  • Patient On-boarding (RPA)
  • Insights from Population Health Analytics)
  • Risk Assessments, Risk Ratification (Analytics)

The CareNxt solution built on Salesforce product scape provides a robust/scalable platform to integrate with IOT, RPA, AI and analytics solutions and truly provide the state-of-the-art, best-in-class solution to enable patient care.

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Jebastin Daniel – Global CoE Head, Salesforce Practice, Tech Mahindra

Jebastin Daniel (Danny) has more than 14 years of overall IT experience with 12+ years in providing solutions built on Java and Salesforce. His expertise includes end to end CRM transformation engagements, Strategy & Advisory – Consulting & Roadmap, defining solution architecture, Business process implementation and Organization & Business Change Management.

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