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The making of an Author

Posted by: Roji Varghese Abraham On May 21, 2015 07:10 PM facebook linked in twitter

Most of us have dreams – some are rather big while some are quite modest.

I too had a modest dream, nurtured for as long as 17 years before I finally realized it. The story of the journey that I went through to become a published author is something I'm sure many aspiring writers who come from a similar background could learn from.

It really doesn't involve any out-of-the-world genius or outstanding natural talent. All it requires is a patient eye for studying the world around, a willingness to learn and improve from mistakes, loads of commitment and an incredible amount of passion for writing.

I have been lucky to have had a chance to travel to and live in different places and that gave me a chance to interact with people from various walks of life.

Many of those interactions eventually turned out to be inspirations for stories when I realised that most people have an interesting tale to tell. While it took me just a few months to write the first draft of 'Kaleidoscopic Lives' , it took me a lifetime of experiences to conceive the ideas behind it.

About Kaleidoscopic Lives

Kaleidoscopic Lives is a mixed bag of colourful tales. The characterisation and context of most stories in this collection are unmistakably Indian, though some narratives take place outside the borders of the country.

The stories largely showcase situations from the lives of young contemporary middle-class urban Indians.

The book has been written in a vividly descriptive fashion and also focuses on the theme of human bonding between strikingly different individuals. The first and last stories, titled 'Chocolate Uncle' and 'Till the day I die', explore this theme at length.

If you are a book lover, you should definitely try reading this book.

Given the diversity of characters in the book, you are likely to find a character you could relate very well or you may come across a character who reminds you of someone you had once known in your own life.

And for you, that resulting trip down the memory lane would be something to relish in itself.

Kaleidoscopic Lives is available for sale on Amazon, both in India and abroad, and is also available for sale on Flipkart.  Check the link below for details:

Amazon India Link to Kaleidoscopic Lives

Flipkart Link to Kaleidoscopic Lives

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