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The Originality of Success

Posted by: Venkata Chaitanya Vardan Dande On September 12, 2016 06:14 PM facebook linked in twitter

Success is mantra for everyone to achieve something in their lives. Everybody running after success to make their life comfortable. Nothing wrong in that. By birth we all are optimist. Success will develop positiveness on our life. It will show we are something in the society. Success will give us name, fame, money and some unbelievable things in our life. It’s true. We can't deny.

Does everybody become successful? If not successful others are some creatures revolving in our society?  No. All successful persons are not super brains and a failure person doesn’t mean they have no brains. A thin line difference becoming one successful and the other becoming failure. But everybody is successful till some extent in life. But why everybody is focusing on success, like super natural word in life. Because the amount of success others are getting more than we achieve. A success in terms of becoming more fame, one make him failure. A success in terms of earning more money, one makes him failure. A success in terms of better social status, one makes him failure. The 'more' is making us difference between success and failure. Think about it? Do we really need more in our life? If yes can we enjoy the success as much as we can? If not then there is need of more success. We require success. But is it permanent?

Let me explain in more. If we get success we will definitely get name, fame, money and social respect. Among all a good fame may be will exist after your death too for some time. Remaining all will vanish when you are gone from this world. Don't you agree?? You are not at all agreeing with me. Because you want only temporary success. Yes, for your temporary success you will not pay attention on your originality of life. The originality of success is balancing your life in terms of personal, professional and social. For the success we will not take care of our health. For our success you will not concentrate on completing everyday essential tasks. To become successful you will not respect the people and society. Do you really successful?

Of all your great difficulties at one day your success is giving what? A small amount of money. A respectless salute from peers. Oh my friend, you are losing yourself in terms of age, memory and one day you will become weak and gone. Does your success stopping from all these essentials? No, not at all. Then why we all are day and night thinking like hell for getting success. What is the big bang secret in the damn ‘Success’?

Dear friend, Success is not meant getting temporary things. Success is meant Win Yourself. Yes. Now you agree. Are you waking up every day on alarm time? Do you exercise every day to burn fat in your body? Are you completing your office tasks on time? Do you call to your family members at least twice in a week? Do you wish your best friend on his/her Birthday? Do you plan to spend some time with your partner on Anniversary? Do you plan to get in touch with your schoolmates/college-mates/previous company colleagues once in a year? Do you answer missed conversations (phone calls, Facebook, WhatsApp, communicators)? They are countless such kind of things we are not doing in our life.

Being successful means, A man must win himself and he must win others. That is success. That's why I am not mentioning any socially elite people in this article. Because everybody has negatives in their lives. But one who control his body and mind from material things he will be successful.

Finally if you compare your success with others success, surely you will despondent. If you try to be happy what you have, definitely you will lead your life better than others. Big successes and great ideas will come without invitation. Those will happen on time by the mercy of God. Wait for your turn. Nothing is not more important than you. Put your efforts, leave the result to God. Do your work perfectly. Success will horn you like fire engine.

yad yad acarati sresthas
tat tad evetaro janah
sa yat pramanam kurute
lokas tad anuvartate

"Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues". (Bhagavat Gita 3.21)

"Whatever action a great man performs, common men follow. And whatever standards he sets by exemplary acts, all the world pursues". (Bhagavat Gita 3.21)

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