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The Tech Mahindra Story at MWC’18, Barcelona
– 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Posted by: Hrishikesh Gilda On February 22, 2018 12:24 PM facebook linked in twitter
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8 MWC themes

7 Colors of a Rainbow

6 Continents of human habitation

5 senses of human perception

4 Big Bets of our business strategy

3 core business outcomes for a CSP

2 realms – Physical & Digital

1 core purpose – to unlock experiences for our customers

At Tech Mahindra, we look forward to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as a platform that brings together the best minds from around the globe to ponder over and define the future of a CSP. We have entire ecosystem of CSPs and Analysts and Network Equipment providers and System integrators coming under a single roof to #UnlockExperiences together and help each other #FutuRISE…

…The 8 MWC themes of ‘Applied AI’, ‘Tech In Society’, ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Future Services Provider’, ‘The Network’, ‘Content & Media’ & ‘The Digital Consumer’…

…are no less diverse as well as united, both at the same time, than the 7 different colors of a Rainbow…

…sprawling across the 6 continents of human habitation…

…Wherein we shall see how 5 senses of human perception are being harnessed in defining the mobile experience of the future…

…the articulation of which in simple words developed Tech Mahindra’s 3-4-3 Strategy, that heavily focused on our 4 technology ‘Big Bets’…

…To enable the 3 business objectives of a CEO i.e. RUN (Running Operations Better), CHANGE (Changing To Digital Faster) & GROW (Growing Revenue Greater)…

…Which will essentially blend 2 realms – the Physical & the Digital – for the consumer of the future…

…Thus we, at Tech Mahindra, strive to position our customer, the CSP, as one who will #UnlockExperiences of the future…

…And help them #FUTURise….

The next one in this series coming up soon…

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Hrishikesh Gilda, Strategic Initiatives - Communications, Tech Mahindra

Hrishikesh is a young B-School Graduate, part of the Central team driving Strategic Initiatives for Tech Mahindra’s Communications business. Through his intense interactions with leading technology analysts and Telecom business leaders, he has been able to co-author our 3-4-3 CME Business Strategy. Hrishikesh is an avid blogger and you may reach out to him at @hrishgilda

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