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TokBox and Tech Mahindra collaborate to bring interactive video services to enterprise

Posted by: Neeraj Kapoor On December 16, 2015 05:23 PM facebook linked in twitter

The internet is driving a fundamental shift in how companies communicate. Everyone, everywhere and everything is connected. WebRTC, the rapid rise of mobile technologies, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are opening a world of opportunity for enterprises to enhance the way they engage, both within their organization and with customers.

TokBox has long been on a mission to help both enterprises and startups take hold of this opportunity, enabling them to unlock the power of WebRTC and deliver interactive real-time communication solutions, whether it be through innovative applications or connected devices. Technology companies have produced unique use cases across healthcare, field services, financial services and other areas using live video to build more productive, mobilized and collaborative businesses.

Today, TokBox is pleased to announce a new alliance with one of the biggest and most sophisticated digital enterprise firms in the world, Tech Mahindra. Together, this collaboration will  seek to bring interactive video services to ToKBox and Tech Mahindra’s enterprise customers across 90 countries, including Fortune 500 companies.

Our collaboration will allow extension of innovative solutions to the enterprise world, providing OpenTok powered live video chat and real-time communication tools to companies in key verticals including healthcare, transportation, auto, telecommunications, industrial, financial services and consumer appliance industries.

Tech Mahindra has a track record of innovation, developing solutions such as applications that support mobile healthcare and embedded communications in connected cars.

As this collaboration rolls out, we’re excited to help influence the transformation in the way organizations communicate, together with one of the most influential tech firms in the world.

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