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Transforming Digitization through a DIY Platform

Posted by: Amber Sharma On June 21, 2017 10:15 AM facebook linked in twitter

Imagine being able to model new and complex end-to-end business processes (or change existing ones) by reusing Lego-like Reusable Process Blocks—(re)arranging them as per business needs and deploying into Production for Operationalization in a matter of minutes.

While this Nirvana state in Process Digitization has been talked about for quite some time, it is now a reality—implemented at the enterprise-scale and has delivered benefits in a radically short amount of time!

Complex, long-running and multi-handoff business processes are difficult to digitize (i.e., model into IT applications and automate to the extent possible). Challenges include:

  1. Extended IT implementation timelines
  2. Inability to address the flexibility of managing in-flight changes in real-time
  3. Heavy dependency on IT teams for making changes to existing process definitions/building new ones

The result: in most cases, these processes remain largely manual; they are susceptible to missing SLAs and deadlines, and typically the transformation program takes multiple years to complete the digitization implementation, which on an average ends up being over-budget with delayed deliveries.

Tech Mahindra’s DIY Process Digitization Platform addresses these challenges directly. It is a configurable and flexible solution where the IT team engineers the Lego-like Reusable Process Blocks (RPBs) and the Business SMEs piece together the appropriate RPBs (along with dependencies, SLAs and lead-times, email alerts) to model and deploy end-to-end business processes in a matter of minutes—in a DIY manner!

However, any Business Transformation program seldom succeeds without Organizational Intent and Collaboration across different departments—especially with the COO (operational users) and CIO (IT & Application development) teams.

The DIY Process Digitization Platform from Tech Mahindra is not just a technical platform but it also is a methodology that ensures collaboration between the various business units as well as delivery and operationalization of the envisaged business change.

Process Digitization Methodology – Collaboration, RPBs & Self-Service

This is a proven platform along with the delivery and operationalization methodology for process digitization that has been successfully implemented. Clearly, an idea whose time has come!

About Author

Amber Sharma, Platform Owner, OMS – Tech Mahindra’s Process Digitization Platform

Amber is a Product Designer & Manager, responsible for the OMS Platform, a Process Digitization Platform, at TechM.

He has 18 years core experience in Telecom Domain and is passionate in providing smart Process Digitization solutions for problems faced by Telco CSPs and their customers.

Follow him on LinkedIn: Amber Sharma

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