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Tech mahindra

What is Innovation to you?

Posted by: Ramyam Labs On December 11, 2014 02:53 PM facebook linked in twitter

Innovation is a thought process that can transform mechanics of any industry and can create progressive market growth.

At Ramyam, we believe in constantly evolving ourselves and creating meaningful value to our customers. As we work in a very niche marketspace of Customer Experience Management (CEM), we are highly tuned towards bringing out fresh perspective and unique proposition as our offerings into the market.

We are always exploring new ways to bring dynamic application of data analytics to the fore-front, along with gathering insights from huge sets of data, thereby propelling business, process and functional owners towards actions that can engage their customers and create delightful experiences.

For us innovation is a thought process that can translate into meaningful actions. We take pride in our ideation process and strategic execution capability as it helps us to gain the trust and confidence of our clients.

Ramyam Intelligence Lab is a Next Generation Analytics Driven Actionability Company, enabling service providers to deliver superior experience and engagement to their customers. Processing billions of transactions from variety of data sources internal and external to the enterprise, our innovative platform uses behavioral modeling to revolutionize the way customer engagement is managed.

Our mission is to help organize, customer engagement and actionability as business process for service providers world-wide. Our product is deployed and tried by leading e-commerce, Retailers, Telcos and Banks worldwide

It is a good platform to interact and understand the dynamics of startup ecosystem. It would be a good networking forum to meet and understand Tech Mahindra’s value-add towards their customers and the thought leadership that they put forward in solving complex business issues acrosas telecommunications domain.

Tech Mahindra and Ramyam share a very close relationship wherein we work collaboratively across many business verticals, providing analytics driven actionability solutions to resolve complex business problems. Tech Mahindra’s thought leadership and experience supports and complements Ramyam’s innovative capabilities in order to understand customer challenges and address their pain-points effectively.

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