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Why Remote Technical Support is here to stay?

Posted by: Ashish Prajapati On May 16, 2016 04:22 PM facebook linked in twitter

Tech gadgets will thrive in today’s market where every new day marks the birth of a new technology. The recent advancements in connectivity, communication technology and data speed has disrupted the world with “Hyper-connectivity”. Most forms of devices are internet-connected and this ecosystem applies it to our digital lives, where we are surrounded by various connected devices every second, taking a toll on our lives

Technical support has existed for decades to address this complex and cohesive eco-system and enable the ease for use of such devices. The evolution from on-site to mobile to remote and recently to predictive support has been phenomenal. While, the need for on-site technical support cannot be ruled out till date, the ability of remote support has been greatly underestimated. Remote support is becoming sophisticated in its ability to address a wide array of issues faced by consumers and businesses, not just by saving time & money, but also by reducing customer effort.

Today, customer demand has reached the epitome when it comes to existing devices, adding more gadgets than ever to their households, taking care of their health using the wearables, reducing their carbon footprints by becoming more energy efficient, & using home automation systems to lead a more comfortable life. A recent report by Gartner suggested how everything around us is racing against the other to become smarter and technology is enabling all of it. Recently, Diageo an alcoholic beverage company introduced a “smart” bottle that uses NFC to connect to a customer’s smartphone and displays information on age, ingredients and origin while Coca-Cola’s freestyle vending machines offer an app like interface to let customers make their own concoctions. Within this world, FedEx SenseAware today offers a mechanism to its customers to track their package through their delivery cycle while Samsung will introduce an IoT based refrigerator that allows users to view its contents without opening the door from a remote location, check cooling, humidity levels, spoilage of food and order replenishments for things running out.

Samsung Refrigerator

Image of the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

To make the best out of such a setting where device, brand and platform complexity doesn’t hinder the end-user experience, a reliable remote technical support service is a must.

Nobody wants to abstain themselves from using a newly owned product while spending their limited time to go through lengthy user manuals, product sheets and guides. Instead everyone prefers a quick handholding where the user gets quick help in installation & setup, configuration, product education and need based support. The ability of most devices to be able to connect to a central network and accessed via a PC used as a console interface allows remote support technicians to effectively access, configure and resolve most issues associated with them. The service is fast, convenient, cost- effective and is always available on demand, every time an error occurs and above all, it is independent of device type, manufacturer or the platform it uses to operate.

This has set the stage for Tech Mahindra to conceive a solution that helps our partners to address their customer’s issues by effectively supporting them at the time of need, rather than debating what falls inside their scope and what’s outside. Consider the plight of an average consumer of today who has a mixed bag of devices and is trying to use them together, that’s what they are meant for, isn’t it? Every such user today gets bounced from one OEM support queue to another where everybody claims that their product works just fine and it’s the problem with something else.

The user is left guessing whom to contact, somebody who takes the responsibility of solving his problem rather than bouncing him around. Needless to say that it is vital to maintain a constant level of service.  At Tech Mahindra, we understood the relevance and it has given birth to Tecnico – an integrated state of the art platform solution offered as TSaaS (Technical Support as a Service) for its partners. Its unique white labelled and risk-reward sharing model ensures that not just our partners save on their existing technical support costs but make additional revenues while deepening end-customer relations in lieu of providing support services that today may be lying with competitive carrier or company.


It is well understood that the need for a genuine, reliable and cost effective tech support service always existed and with the recent spike in product complexity and advancements in remote support technologies, it will always be required. Only organizations that are evolving with changing customer needs and offering the right blend of services would continue to share their mind space while improving satisfaction levels.

References: This paper references sources from the Internet that were freely available or were provided on request.

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