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Intelligent Machines for an Intelligent Ecosystem

Posted by: Karthikeyan Natarajan On September 11, 2013 12:00 AM facebook linked in twitter

Connectivity, mobility, machine-to-machine communication, and the Internet of Things are quickly changing the way we use devices. Machine intelligence has become the central theme in this digital age. The proliferation of intelligent devices and the convergence of technologies are together dramatically transforming our ecosystem.

For instance, the advent of Smartphones and the resultant burgeoning of apps have not only elevated mobility and connectivity to a new level, but have offered users an unparalleled experience similar to that of being aided by an intelligent personal assistant who is at their service round the clock. It is this experience that consumers expect out of devices today—the feeling of staying connected and informed, even while on the move. With manufacturers increasingly catering to this need, we’re experiencing an evolving ecosystem driven by machine intelligence.

Advancements in mobile technologies, combined with device convergence have opened up great opportunities for innovation in every sector, automotive included.  The automotive industry is leveraging these opportunities to extend the experience of driving much beyond the traditional boundaries of transportation. The car is now considered an extension of the user’s individuality. Consumers are looking for cars that exchange information and connect with the world outside. Soon ‘Connected cars’ built with advanced mechatronics and telematics technologies will interact with the environment to offer better safety, entertainment, fuel efficiency, and greater comfort, apart from the much-needed connectivity-on-the-move.

While automotive manufacturers are quickly tapping this market and trying to cater to these needs, here’s a look at how these intelligent machines are likely to shape the ecosystem:

Benefits through networked industries- With advanced capabilities for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, connected vehicles grow much beyond in-vehicle infotainment to present great opportunities across sectors ranging from OEMs and automotive manufacturers to banking and insurance providers. For example, an advanced telematics system would help in personalizing insurance policies by providing valuable information on an individual’s driving behavior.

Fostering fuel efficiency- The sky-rocketing fuel prices have made vehicle manufacturers turn their attention towards fuel efficiency more than ever. Fuel efficiency is one of the key differentiators in the market today. Connected vehicles are a promising means to fostering fuel efficiency because they are equipped with intelligent technologies that enable this. For example, connected vehicles that come with tire pressure monitoring capabilities can report over/under inflated tires, which in turn can have an effect on fuel consumption.

Accident-free, safe driving- Vehicle intelligence can come a long way in preventing road accidents and saving lives. Their built-in crash warning systems have the ability to detect approaching vehicles, their speed, and the probability of collision, and send crash warnings to drivers. This can significantly enhance the safety quotient in road transport. In case of an accident, intelligent vehicles can send real-time data about the crash along with the specific location of the crash to emergency teams, even before the driver/passengers call for help.

More connectivity yet less distraction- Intelligent vehicle systems enable real-time traffic and weather updates paving the way for dynamic route guidance. Browsing the web and accessing a number of high speed web services and cloud applications will soon be commonplace. But on the other hand, minimizing driver distraction will be the primary focus, facilitated by factory-installed hand-free devices and gesture-controlled music and navigation systems.

Greener environment- Intelligent vehicle technologies can improve fuel efficiency and minimize vehicle emissions, thus reducing pollution and contributing towards a greener environment.

Intelligent machines are quickly altering the current ecosystem and extending its boundaries. Players from different industries will soon be seen operating together to provide the kind of connectivity and mobility that consumers are looking for. This boundless interconnectivity between vehicles, infrastructure, and industries opens the doors to an exciting new world empowered by intelligent machines.

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