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Project Management Platform on the Cloud

Posted by: V Srinivasa Rao (VSR) On July 05, 2011 12:00 AM facebook linked in twitter

Information is the king and information is the asset to take timely decisions and corrective/preventive actions for the success of projects. This information can be on schedules, resources, budget, costs, claims, changes, scope, dependencies, risks, competitors, quality, environment, safety, travel, location, best practices, next practices, lessons learnt, contractors, disputes, insurance and litigations etc. Information such as documents, emails or notes can be lost or can be misplaced while collaborating between different units of a system. 

Here the need of the hour is to have a high quality Project Management Platform to ensure the success of the projects. A repeatable success with faster delivery date and cheaper and steadier alternative makes technology a favourable option for project management. Project Management platform enables building Lean & Integrated project management processes and brings in standardization in execution across many projects to ensure the repeatability of success. It also helps automate project management processes, capture and mine the project data, and provide information and intelligence for successful project delivery.
Project Management Platform includes software (project management software) hardware, networking, storage, database, operating system, application servers, etc.
Medium/Large enterprises might have the luxury of managing Project Management Platforms on their own. Micro/small enterprises might not have the necessary resources to invest on building and maintaining the Project Management Platform. Similarly, developed economies have access to sophisticated ‘Project Management Platforms' while emerging economies might not.
Thanks to the Information technology innovation and infrastructure, there is no need for the enterprises or government to own Project Management Platforms. Governments can rent this platform and pay per usage during the tenure of the project. This avoids major capital investments and also ongoing management of the technology challenges. Access to the Reliable Project Management Platform can be provided at an affordable price to all.
Making the project management platform available on need basis over the internet at an affordable price is called PM cloud. Benefits of PM Cloud can be tremendous because of its potential to reduce the numerous challenges that I have stated above. Thus the scope for projects in areas such as infrastructure, Engineering, construction, energy and many others is huge and the needs are sophisticated. Given the complexity of these projects it is very difficult to manage them without the support of PM Clouds. PM Clouds will enable the emerging economies and organizations to compete with developed economies and global organizations in numerous ways. Some of them are as listed below.
Emerging economies can build World class infrastructure by leveraging PM Cloud to
successfully execute infrastructure projects … Technology would be available at affordable  price on rent
Organizations in emerging economies get opportunity to compete with global organizations   in power, energy, construction etc., sectors – innovation can be tested before commencement of the project with cheaper price on rental basis. They have an option now
Access to Virtual Learning on Project Management & Engineering from best in class people in the world. No boundaries, we can purchase the learning content/services for limited period of time
Having said this, we are still in the nascent stage of providing sophisticated Integrated Project Management Platform on Cloud/Internet (PM Clouds).
There are many regulatory and security issues that need to be addressed. Not all project management and surrounding applications are yet available on Cloud. But Cloud computing is predicted to greatly impact the way the project management will be done in future. The organizations/governments have to think different and must start working on building environment & policies to leverage PM clouds

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