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Analytics-as-a-Service: Scalable and Elastic Solutions for Enterprise!

Posted by: Rajasekhar Chinthapatla On August 13, 2014 12:00 AM facebook linked in twitter

It is beyond doubt now that Big Data and Analytics have evolved from being mere buzzwords to being imperatives for staying competitive in the marketplace. Everyone wants to do it, and needs to do it, but not everyone knows how to. First of all there are resource constraints. Good analytical talent is hard to find and McKinsey and Co. have forecasted a huge shortage of good analytical talent over the coming years. Secondly, there are large Capex investments involved in any BI initiative and Big Data Analytics is no exception. These carry their own set of risks as failed implementations are commonplace in BI, and also create an undue dependency on IT which has to shoulder the additional burden of maintaining and managing this ecosystem. Lastly, in-house Big Data analytics initiatives do not provide you with elastic scale. Verticals such as Retail and Airlines have varying BI demands due to the seasonal nature of their industries. Other large enterprises have short term projects and initiatives needing the ability to scale up and scale down as needed.

Taking cognizance of this market need, we at Tech Mahindra are building our Analytics-in-a-Box and Analytics-as-a-Service offerings. Our Analytics Platform story enables our readiness to be a market leader in analytics. We are building a single platform for developing applications and solutions to address big data and analytics providing insights – prescriptive, predictive and descriptive analysis. This platform or framework will transform any form of raw data (structured, semi structured, unstructured) into meaningful KPI’s, provide insights, suggest recommendations and actions.


  • Analytics-in-a-Box is intended to provide accelerated value realization from analytics use cases across industry
  • Analytics-in-a-Box can significantly reduce the delivery time, effort from stakeholders and effective modelling

Data Analytics as a Service – Helps reduce the barrier of entry to advanced analytical capabilities, without extensive internal infrastructures and human resources.

  • Explores opportunity for Analytics Application
  • Rent Analytics Application for specified period /data
  • Configure Analytics Application and fed the data
  • SME to validate results and release outcomes

Analytics in a Box and Data Analytics as a Service will allow our customers to concentrate on their core competencies and leave the Analytics to us!

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