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StaySafe CyberCitizen Free ebook on cybersecurity released

Posted by: Lucius Lobo On February 05, 2013 12:00 AM facebook linked in twitter

Download the e-book from the link given below:-

Whether for business or for personal use, the ubiquitous cyber world will only become more pervasive in the future. A small but swiftly growing portion of all global trade is transacted through e-commerce companies. Physical goods are traded through online auctions and shops, while digital products such as music, e-books, games, films and software are readily bought online. The world economic forum has identified security as one of the top five global risks, as a single vulnerability can cause the disruption of the internet which inturn can result in the chained collapse of our critical nation infrastructure like telecom, power, hospitals, financial exchanges etc.

Cyber criminals are coming up with increasing sophisticated ways and means to dupe cyber users in scams, siphon money from their online accounts or to harass them. Each day, newspapers carry stories on how comments posted on social networks spark violent reactions, how people were scammed of money from their bank accounts, or of large companies which have been hacked for espionage. Yet, the cyber criminal is not the only danger. There are sexual perverts, espionage rings, friends turned foes, or even disgruntled employees, who hide behind the anonymity of cyberspace to cheat, defraud, slander or harass. Ensuring personal security in cyberspace is a huge challenge.

Cyber criminals will continue to reach us in the confines of homes and offices, or in crowded places. Threats cannot be washed away, left to others or simply ignored. We need to assess such threats, take prudent steps and use best practices to reduce their danger.

To reduce this, 'StaySafe CyberCitizen’ covers topics such the basics of cyber crime, best practices in online trading, e-mail scams, employee blogging, cyber parenting and child safety, online ethics, online banking, how hackers earn and security insights for consumers and security professionals as well.

My free e-book on cyber security is for individuals, consumers, traders, corporate, parents, bloggers and social networkers, to be aware using simple examples and real life incidents of key risks and practices to remain safe online. The book can be used as a security awareness tool by companies.

About the Author:

Lucius Lobo is an experienced security professional, and the head of the Tech Mahindras’ Security Services. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), with over twenty years of experience in the security industry and a member of national and international global security councils. Lucius is a regular speaker at security conferences and has publications in leading and reputed magazines.

Twitter @luciuslobo

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