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The Hidden Value of Old Content

Posted by: Malhar Barai On December 14, 2015 05:30 PM facebook linked in twitter

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What is the worth of Old Content? Content owners and broadcasters today are facing a unique conundrum – on one side, the onslaught of various digital platforms is fragmenting their view base but on the other side, they have a unique opportunity to monetize old content to newer platforms.

Many of the older broadcaster and content owners have content library that consist of content which was once popular but got shelved as they progressed with newer content.

Also, with the costs of producing newer show and loss of audience to digital platforms, broadcasters and studio were looking to newer revenue streams.

And then someone proclaimed -  “There’s money in your archives”

The advent of digital environment has given life to old content. Old content, which at one point of time was languishing in the corner of the library can now be re-packaged, re-used & re-sold to advertisers and other relevant stakeholders.

Take for example, NBC Universal’s Cozi TV or getTV from Sony group. They have been instrumental in leveraging old content catalogue. These groups apart for having their own channels are partnering with subscription driven video-on-demand services and monetizing their library.

What is driving this trend?

It’s just not economics, broadcasters and other content providers are looking closely at the fragmented audience. Today each broadcaster has multiple channels each catering to certain niche and apart from that, they have digital presence. Over last 2 years, two more parameters came into existence – the boom in mobile devices and social platforms.

It makes perfect sense for all the content providers to capitalize on this cord cutting phenomena and create new distribution platforms.

This new platforms are enticing cord cutters and the segmentation of content is helping them win back customers.

The entire repurposing of old content and it’s re-use concept is being experimented by publishers and broadcasters and there have been various success stories so far.

At Tech Mahindra, we believe this trend will catch on and have created the Copyright Management Offering which will help content owners harvest rights of old content catalogue and package them for newer distribution channels.

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Malhar Barai is Group Manager – Technology, Media and Entertainment Vertical. Follow Malhar on Twitter, Linkedin

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