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The Road to Autonomous Vehicles

Posted by: Karthikeyan Natarajan On February 03, 2015 03:38 PM facebook linked in twitter

The average commuter spends several hours inside a car every month. However, this time spent inside a car is almost entirely economically unproductive. Connected cars will make some headway in enabling people to be productive inside the car. However, connected cars are unlikely to resolve the problem completely.

Autonomous cars, on the contrary, have the potential to make the entire time spent inside the car productive. People can actually accomplish work inside their cars because they do not have to think about driving the car. Almost all major OEMs are working on autonomous cars. Several Tier 1 suppliers are also investing in research and development for technologies that could eventually go into subsystems that will enable autonomous cars. 

Tech Mahindra too shares the vision of having completely autonomous, driverless cars on the roads by the end of the decade. 

We already have extensive expertise in connecting cars and connected car solutions. We are a Total Solution Provider for Connected Vehicle solutions with device, communication and application agnostic platforms that can be deployed for both OE vehicles and as aftermarket solutions. We even own End to End Connected Vehicle offerings that include connectivity, cloud hosting and mapping to offer a comprehensive subscription based deployment model for a Connected Vehicle platform including analytics based value added solutions. 

Tech Mahindra’s Autonomous Vehicle efforts are part of our vision for a connected world, where your drive is safer, more convenient and easier. While there are multiple challenges that must be addressed before we can put autonomous cars on the road, we have started to build on our existing capabilities with a range of solutions that will further the industry’s vision for making autonomous cars a reality. 

For instance, we are developing solutions such as an intelligent Auto Park Assist system. The intelligent parking assist system is designed to make parking your car completely automatic and needs zero intervention from the driver. We are also building an Autonomous Vehicle Operating System with a partner. The AV OS will be a powerful platform on which people can build applications that will eventually power the autonomous cars of the future. With a versatile and comprehensive AV OS, the march towards autonomous cars will be much more systematic and fast. 

We invite you to share your thoughts with us on what technology big leaps we must make to put autonomous cars on the road by 2020.

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