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Consumers are watching more video content than ever before on various devices like smartphones and tablets. In this scenario it is important that operators provide the end-users with uninterrupted, lag-free videos. One of the key components is to use a Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solution that reduces traffic in core network, reduces capital expenditure and provides you with a cost-efficient solution for on-the spur video content delivery. Trust our comprehensive, vendor neutral CDN service to provide that solution and reduce core network, international peering traffic by 10-25% and core network traffc by 50-60%.

Tech Mahindra provides a variety of service offering in CDN space which are:

  • End-to-end CDN design, consulting and deployment
  • Multi-play video service offerings for managed and OTT video
  • Transparent caching of OTT traffic in Service providers network
  • CDN managed services for service providers including multi-tenancy
  • Performance testing and tuning of CDN for Service provider
  • OSS service assurance, BSS integration framework for CDN
  • Enterprise Content Delivery Networks

Presenting a turn- key Content Delivery Networks (CDN) solution for service providers and organisations . Some of the key differentiators are:

  • Expertise in complex multi domain SI projects, building federated CDNs
  • Global managed services investments and multidomain skilled resources
  • Rapid feasibility and prototyping using our Lab infrastructure
  • Opportunity to scale-up the existing platform for video
  • Co-innovation with customer on virtualized CDN under NFV and SDN strategy
  • CDN Innovation: Mobile CDNs (eNodeB Caching), Dynamic QoE in our lab environment

Tech Mahindra offers an array of benefits in CDN space such as:

  • Reduced core network, WAN, international peering traffic
  • Ease of Launch of OTT services over multiple devices
  • For ONNET and OFFNET subscribers
  • Enable Wholesale and retail CDN offerings
  • Ready joint solution/certification lab for feasibility tests

Tech Mahindra provided a Triple-Play CDN solution for a Mexican Operator. We helped in

  • CDN consulting, high level design and validation, network and system design
  • Cookie cutter solution template to integrate with their product stack
  • Rapid launch of services under 60 days for football service and 4 months from design to deployment of multimedia services
  • Derisked delivery with POCs, design validations, product claim validations, performance labs at a reduction in account opening process
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