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Oracle Gold Build

Connecting Telecom projects with jet speed

Today Telcos are trying to find a balance between the new network technology deployment cost vis-a-vis OSS/BSS changes to accommodate and launch innovative products/services using new network technology.

Telecom operators and broadband service providers around the world use the Oracle stack , as it is a completely integrated end-to-end solution stack that provides best of breed operations for automated workflows for CRM, OSS, Mediation, Billing and Self-care. Telecom projects take about a year at the very least, from conception to rollout of new services. The telecom operators starting a new greenfield or a brownfield project have to essentially start from zero and deal with these challenges:

  • Demand to roll out services in weeks and not months
  • Insulate the B/OSS from network changes with the launch of innovative products
  • Need for a uniform stack with set processes enforcing best practices
  • Automated processes / workflows

And there are other intermediate processes involved before operators can start servicing customers and earning revenues. All these processes need to be accelerated and turnaround times slashed for them to remain competitive keeping opportunity costs low.

Prepackaged Service Excellence

Oracle Gold Build from Tech Mahindra provides global best practices and ready-to-use workflows to speed up rollout of the Oracle platform for telecom operators and broadband service providers.

Oracle Gold Build is a reusable integrated solution for faster implementations for Telcos using Tech Mahindra’s extensive knowledge base and expertise. It includes business processes, workflows, requirements, design, test automation, configuration and build.

Oracle Gold Build is an end-to-end offering and solution for speeding up rollout of new or existing services for Greenfield and brownfield projects alike.

Oracle Gold Build delivers a platform for functional, process and integration architecture patterns that cover :

  • Siebel CRM
  • Oracle BRM
  • Oracle OSM
  • Oracle ASAP
  • Oracle AIA
The key components of Oracle Gold Build are:
  • GSM Voice and Data Activation
  • End-to-end Wireless Broadband / 4G / LTE

The Tech Mahindra Advantage

Oracle Gold Build has been developed by Tech Mahindra, who is the global alliance partner for Oracle. It is based on over a decade of expertise in the telecom domain with multiple deployments around the world worth 50,000 person days of efforts.

This gives Oracle Gold Build the following unique advantages:

  • Platform independent solution offering with a product agnostic approach consisting of : - Information Model and System Design - 200+ Business Processes - 1000+ business requirements

    Over 3000+ automated test cases spread across CRM, billing & OSS domains

  • Best Practices built over 12 greenfield rollouts, 11 transformational projects and 17 MS transitions
  • Bundled, easy, customizable knowledge repositories for faster deployments built in the industry standard IBM ALM Rational suite of Products
  • Tested and scripted configurations specific for telecom services
  • Customized and Out-of-the-Box solutions in Siebel, OBRM, AIA, OSM & ASAP
  • Flexibility for articulating project specific configurable Artifacts

Tech Mahindra’s Oracle Gold Build is the Right Choice for Accelerated, Comprehensive & Standardized Solution Delivery inculcating:

  • Reduced project setup time by about 30%
  • Improved reusability with SDLC phase management by 30 to 40%
  • Globally implemented best practices with good rules of structuring
  • Telecom focused automated test services

Our success stories:

“A leading Telco operator in India, deployed Tech Mahindra’s Gold Build for channelizing their sales force. Also, a leading Telco from Africa is rolling out 4GLTE services with the Oracle Gold Build Solution right from design to rollout of the new services. It helped to bring down the total cost of ownership and timeline by 20% as against the traditional approach. With upcoming releases of Oracle Gold build, the overall cost of ownership is expected to come down significantly (approx 40-50%).”

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