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Customer Experience Management

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A customer no longer needs to walk into your store to buy a product, see your marketing or get good service. Instead, they prefer to do this through multiple channels like social media and e-commerce sites by using various smart devices. Given this, marketers face challenges like:

  • The need to increase revenue from digital channels due to reducing revenue from traditional channels
  • The need to deliver a better customer experience across new and evolving channels
  • High cost of marketing, strong competition and the need to keep abreast with dynamic change in channels
  • High cost of service and call center management

Our Customer experience Management solution help our customers deliver superior digital customer experiences

Deliver seamless customer experience

  • Consistent and omni-channel experience across web, contact, social and point of sale

Reduce costs by 20%

  • By shifting to less costlier channels through better FAQs, co-browse, chat and self-care functionality
  • By servicing customers through traditional channels
  • By reducing cost in customer acquisition
  • By leveraging emerging channels like social media

Improve sales by 15%

  • Increase sales across multiple channels including web, PoS, mobile, contact and social
  • Agile systems that allow faster time to market for campaigns, products and services
  • Increase traffic to site and improve conversions

Improve customer satisfaction

  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS) by providing seamless experiences across channels

Our consulting framework allows measurement of an enterprises' level of maturity at different phases of the customer journey and comes out with recommendations for both quick wins and long term transformational implementations.

Our consulting methodology consists of 3 phases:


  • Workshop sessions
  • Analysis of metrics
  • Mapping the customer journey and key moments of truth
  • Understanding channels, metrics and short and long-term goals


  • Interviews and discussions with architects and system owners
  • UX analysis
  • Analyzing the technology stack, understanding limitations and identifying gaps


  • Providing solutions to achieve target state and address gaps
  • Prioritizing roadmap into quickwins, shortterm and longterm initiatives
  • Identifying PoCs as required

Our success stories

European telecom company

  • Reduced bounce rates by 5%
  • Improved conversion
  • Improved selfcare to reduce contact centre volumes

Wealth management solution for a leading bank

  • Improved customer satisfaction of high networth customers
  • Reduced cost of service through 360 degree view of customers

Leading bank in APAC

  • 9% increased revenue from crossselling
  • Improved customer satisfaction from 29% reduction in account opening process

Ecommerce for leading electronics manufacturer

  • Increased conversion ratio
  • Flexible store model to reach new regions
  • Increase in number of page views
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