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Digital Enterprise Solution

We are now living in a Hyper Connected World. Hyper connectivism has forced us to adapt to a Digital Life which is now breathing life into non-living things like cars, machines, equipment, etc.

Business Challenges:

Consumer Internet and Industry Internet are the two trends which have tremendously impacted people behavior and the way non-living things like cars, machines, equipments, etc connect and communicate in real time. Traditional Enterprises whose business models, processes and operations are not built for the Hyper Connected World, fail to meet this generation’s needs and expectations.

To embrace Consumer Internet and Industry Internet trends and its impact, traditional enterprises have to modify their business models, business processes, business operations and business culture. This will happen only when these enterprises leverage the power of COVERGENCE of technologies like Networks, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, Security, Social Computing and Sensors (NMACS). The existing applications or IT Infrastructure are built to support TRADITIONAL ENTERPRISES and hence to build DIGTIAL ENTERPRISES, enterprise IT applications and infrastructure need transformation. NMACS Technologies are used effectively to build Digital Enterprises.

Tech Mahindra offers Digital Solutions which help in building Digital Processes, Digital Products and Digital People. Our Digital Solutions help in force multiplication of business performance (metrics) by improving the below business needs many fold.

  • Identify new mix of business metrics to re-define success of your business
  • Identify existing business problems
  • Identify deficiencies in existing solutions
  • Identify current business trends of your line of business

Our solution helps to build Digital Enterprises in an evolutionary manner offering the following benefits.

  • Future-proofing and future-readiness
  • 360 degree predictability in business
  • Leverage collective intelligence of employees
  • Build digitally intelligent products
  • Align with millennial culture
  • Become Real Time

We have helped some of the leading enterprises transform to become Digital Enterprises. Examples of successful transformation include:

  • Digital Emergency Management for a nation-wide service provider in India
  • Scalable BYOD platform for a leading networking company in the US
  • Access Live Sports feed from multiple broadcast channels of a leading media group in the US
  • PLM Mobility Solution for a leading automotive spare parts manufacturer in France

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