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Oracle HCM Cloud (Fusion HCM Cloud xPress)


Tech Mahindra’s Oracle HCM on Cloud offerings are a RapidStart, fast-track, affordable and predictable implementation model for organizations looking to quickly transform their HCM practices,  adopt next generation tools & modern technologies and provide an engaging experience to their internal customers. HCM on cloud enables organizations to adopt best-in-class global HCM processes, configured to their needs and deployed quickly on the cloud without compromising on data security, flexibility and extensibility.


The way large enterprises are doing business today is changing and innovative business transformation is key to winning in this dynamic environment.   Modern best practice keeps pace & evolves with growth and changes in a fast moving market. It’s local & global, seeking to enable & deliver the best results across departments, borders, languages, fiscal and physical domains.

There is more pressure than ever on HR Executives to develop and execute new employee and talent strategies. Current generation of HR Technology, in most instances, is proving to be more of a hurdle than an enabler of such transformation, being not designed to handle increasingly complex nature of HR’s role in enabling businesses to succeed.

  • Five generations will be working together in the modern workplace by 2020
  • This workplace is shaped by mobile, social and collaborative tools & technologies
  • Consumer applications have become the gold standard for experience
  • Customer experience is increasingly shaped by employee experience
  • Talent is a big differentiator in today’s marketplace
  • “Network Performance” rather than individual productivity is the focus of today’s HR Executive
  • Diversity in experience, skillsets and people in today’s global workforce is ever increasing
Transforming HR practices are held back by considerable structural challenges:
  • Lack of consolidated disparate HR systems & streamlined operations
  • Inability to effectively deal with rapid workforce scaling and diversity
  • Limited depth of insights, ability to interrogate HR data and visual tools for scenario analysis
  • Significant On-premise Infrastructure needs large investments & overheads
  • Considerable CAPEX investments  and time is required to deploy last generation HR solutions
  • Keeping systems current with upgrades & updates is time consuming and inefficient

Oracle HCM on Cloud is a revolutionary step in Next Gen HR Business Process and Data Management. Fusion HCM is a complete suite of HR products that offers both breadth and depth of global functionality. It drives business value and robust HR functionality that enables organizations to increase productivity, accelerate business performance and lower total cost of ownership.


  • Anytime, Anywhere access
  • Move from CAPEX to OPEX
  • Zero Infrastructure & Maintenance Overheads
  • Minimal Time for adoption
  • Engaging user experience
  • Enhanced employee Collaboration
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Leverage existing technology investments

Case in Point

Tech Mahindra implemented Fusion HCM xPress for a renowned higher education client in North America. We provided process consulting for HCM Fusion Apps
adoption, Business Intelligence solutions and testing services allowing the client to:

  • Provide meaningful decision support and predictive content to users
  • Redeploy HR administrative tasks to managers
  • Lower IT costs by shifting to a single platform for HCM
  • Lower operating costs and improve organization margins
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