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As retailers try to keep up with the changing trends in retail and the fresh challenges that are created by new technologies, they require a solution that can quickly adapt to turbulent market conditions. For instance, studies have shown that retailers without multichannel will lose between 15% and 30% of their revenues by 2015.

Along with these moving targets, there are also the eternal goals of better understanding customer demands, better serving those demands with effective merchandising and promotions and eliminating inefficiencies across all channels.

Retailers thus need an easy migration path to a KPI driven business to help deal with new and old challenges in a more effective manner. Also necessary, is a comprehensive SAP implementation that provides coverage of multiple micro-verticals like grocery, hard lines and soft goods. A solution which enables business transformation across all segments that the retailer may deal with, from groceries to the luxury retail segment.

Today, more than eight out ten consumers use mobile device like smartphones while shopping. This creates the need for integrated mobile and POS solutions as part of any retail SAP solution so that retailers can deal with increased competition and pricing information that is instantly available to consumers.

Fastrack™, Tech Mahindra’s Rapid Implementation Tool slashes SAP retail implementation costs by up to 25% and provides real-time analytics to convert your data into actionable business intelligence.

Fastrack™ has proprietary frameworks to enable speedy business transformation throughout the value chain; across retail process areas such as Merchandising, Supply Chain, Store Operations, Customer Relationship Management & Analytics. Fastrack™ halves implementation time and reduces customization time by 20% with tools like SAP Retail Data Migration Framework for fast and voluminous data transformation. The SAP Retail Testing Automation Framework comes pre-configured with a variety of business scenarios and test scripts so retailers can start seeing an increase in value and ROI.

Fastrack™ provides coverage across multiple SAP products aligned to Retail, seamlessly integrating with tools like Solution Manager, SAP POS, Analytics, Mobility, SAP F&R, SAP AFS, SAP PMR and SAP Retail System.

The Fastrack™ Retail Rapid Implementation for SAP helps retailers switch to KPI driven Business Process using iDecisions for Retail powered by SAP HANA and it also caters to the needs for Mobility and POS with connectors like mStore Live! and mPOS. It addresses the problem of white spaces with capabilities that go beyond standard SAP best practices.

Fastrack™ from Tech Mahindra has comprehensive service offerings for the retail sector which covers the end-to-end processes.

  • Retail Analytics using SAP HANA
  • IT Strategy & Road Map
  • Retail Domain Consulting
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • Implementation Health-Check
  • Data Migration & Archiving
  • Test Automation & Execution

Fastrack™ SAP Retail Rapid Implementation Tool works across micro-verticals spanning different areas such as Merchandising, Supply Chain, Store Operations, CRM & Analytics

The Tech Mahindra advantage

  • Global footprint in more than 35 countries, with more than 150 SAP customers
  • Tech Mahindra’s SAP HANA aligned Retail solutions for real-time analytics capabilities and to turn your data into actionable business intelligence
  • Tech Mahindra’s SAP Mobility aligned Retail solutions for information-on-the-go
  • Strong SAP Retail Competency and 360-degree relationship with SAP

With Tech Mahindra’s Fastrack™, retailers get an array of benefits which include:

  • Implementation time for SAP Retail reduced by up to 50%
  • Customization time reduced by up to 20%
  • Accelerated knowledge transfer
  • Reduced Overall Cost by 20-25% for large scale implementations
  • 80% out of the box solution for new implementations reduces the need for complex customizations
  • Reduced project risk
  • Based on industry best practices used

At Tech Mahindra we connect infotainment, navigation and diagnostics with the manufacturer’s enterprise system, to create a new world order on the move. Our Connected Car solution provides greater safety, comfort, and entertainment which ensures the same level of connectedness while on roads.

We have solutions to cater to different market segments - Low, Mid and High end.

Our Connected Car solution enhances user experience through a complete entertainment and enterprise solutions packaged together that keeps the user constantly connected and provides an experience well beyond the traditional vehicle features.

Features include speech recognition, text-to-speech technology, gesture recognition, health monitoring, driving pattern tracking, driver assistance apps, compliance to driver distraction guidelines and much more.

Tech Mahindra has played a crucial role in providing technical leadership for TMC traffic support for Microsoft Sync Gen2 NAV Core running from an audio head unit.

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