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Data & Insights..Connected! 

The modern day enterprise is inundated with data, but gleaning meaningful insights is an arduous task. To add to the challenge, data these days is not just what's stored in a database. We analyze data directly from machines, study consumer behavior in real-time, or carry out sentiment analysis based on social media trends. Therefore, we are looking at an era where we require:

  • Real-time data analysis
  • Ability to process data at quick speeds and generate actionable insights, even with big data
  • Integration of machine-to-machine devices in the reporting cycle
  • Discovery of patterns and capability to change offers / products / services on the fly

The SAP HANA solution framework enables organizations analyze data and drive changes immediately, thereby creating a competitive differentiator. At the same time, companies can drive product and service innovations, and build flexible business models based on the insights it draws.

Tech Mahindra follows a systematic process to ensure you get the right solution. Tech Mahindra is one of the early implementers of SAP HANA. We also have a SAP HANA center of excellence focused on creating industry-specific solutions and accelerators to empower businesses to maximize their RoI.

Our strengths lie in the fact that:

  • We have 204 SAP HANA-certified associates globally, the largest pool for a SAP Partner
  • Developed partnership with CISCO / IBM on HANA Appliance
  • Two dedicated HANA Boxes with leading Appliance partners
  • Own IP of SAP HANA RDS solution for telecom, banking, retail, airlines etc.
  • Experience with market leaders in auto, insurance, healthcare etc.
  • E2E service offerings designed through customer adoption lifecycle
  • Leaders in SDN Contributions Over the years, we have implemented successful projects such as:
    • Speedy querying of data (0.25 seconds and less for a query) with over 6 million records and 3 years of information
    • Tracking status of products manufactured across 50+ countries using Google Map interface
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