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Connected Machines

Machine to Machine Connectivity is transforming the way living and non-living elements communicate with each other. In this world, machines communicate with other machines via small devices or sensors that gather and transmit vital data in real time.

Our M2M solutions help to detected problems early and preventive steps are taken proactively. While it improves business efficiency and productivity it also offers a true life saving potential which keep our customers ahead of the game.

At Tech Mahindra we connect infotainment, navigation and diagnostics with the manufacturer’s enterprise system, to create a new world order on the move. Our Connected Car solution provides greater safety, comfort, and entertainment which ensures the same level of connectedness while on roads.

Over the last few years the channels of Connectivity have grown by leaps and bounds. Sophisticated programs analyze these data instantaneously; high value assets are constantly monitored from afar; medical advice or care is dispensed remotely; and accurate utility bills are generated without human intervention. For example, an onboard diagnostic system in an automobile can predict maintenance needs. Similarly power usage can be optimized to reduce our carbon footprint, and embedded chips in wrist bands or footwear can monitor your exercise and fitness routines.

Connected Machines are fast becoming the nervous system of an enterprise.

M2M offers an array of benefits that include:

Determining the right set of features based on car models and car category Remote monitoring of high value assets and equipment reduces the need for physical inspection. Resources saved can be utilized elsewhere – to invest in developing new products for instance.

  • Improve Quality
  • With M2M you can control quality deviations in real time. eg: Consumable in large machinery can be replaced before they are completely worn out

  • Business Efficiency & Productivity Improvement
  • Machines that read utility readings directly from the meter and transmit to billing systems without costly intervention.

  • Life Saving Potential
  • A M2M solution can truly save lives. For example, a preventive Rail-collision solution provides alerts and prevent disasters.

Tech Mahindra has a large selection of vertical solutions which can be customized according to business needs . Our Subject Matter Experts:

  • Understand and evaluate your business requirements
  • Understand your technology landscape
  • Streamline the business processes for high efficiency
  • Recommend the most optimal technology option
  • Offer "Wise-BUY", a pilot deployment to prove-in the solution
  • Design, Develop, Test, Deploy and Manage the M2M Solutions
  • Our M2M Solutions Center has capabilities to build custom applications and integrate with a variety of devices or platforms.

    We have a team of 10,000+ experts specialized in a variety of industry segments, including automotive telematics, high value consignment monitoring, remote asset management, utilities, banking & financial, retail, among others.

We helped a global pharma company in consolidating their various artwork studios into regional service centers (RSC), globally. The solution helped them achieve significant reduction in cost per artwork. There were no non-compliance issue in the four years of the project journey.

Tech Mahindra Differentiators

  • Our M-cube strategy that leverages assets and expertise across the three main M&M entities:
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Mahindra & Mahindra
  • Other Mahindra Group entities
    • This gives 60+ years experience in multiple industries including automotive, banking, logistics, pharma, manufacturing, utilities.
  • Expertise across the M2M ecosystem which includes terminals, modules, middleware, telecommunications and business application integration.
  • E2E-vertical based solutions combining multiple standalone M2M solutions
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