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Artwork Pack Management

Decisions worth billions of dollars are made by consumers based on the packaging of pharmaceutical products. At the same time, packaging problems due to packaging errors or mislabelling could result in recalls, and increased efforts in rectification. As per industry experts, a single recall can cost easily up to $ 5-7 million in revenue. Equally large pharmaceutical companies end up reworking over 20,000 artworks, resulting in loss of productivity.

Pharma companies have to deal with 10,000+ product packs, increased pressure to reduce time to market, and multiple stakeholders. But they are handicapped by:

Business Challenges:

  • Decentralized design process that leads to inconsistencies and duplication of work
  • A sub-optimal workflow that results in multiple iterations and ad-hoc processes
  • Limited access to latest design innovations, thereby leading to fewer innovations and longer design cycles
  • IFaulty/Poor artwork that results in product recalls and revenue loss

Tech Mahindra’s Artwork and Packaging Solution is built on a multi- layer model that integrates various technologies, processes and services to create and deliver operation excellence and packaging innovation in line with a company’s business objectives.

Our capability in delivering high quality Artwork and Pack solution includes:

  • 400+ FTEs
  • 8+ years experience in packaging design with 80,000+ artworks created
  • Trained in all regulatory compliance: CSV, CFR,HIPAA, SOX
  • Multilingual capability: English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Polish
  • Deliver across major design tools (CAD, Adobe, Corel Draw etc)

Value Proposition:

  • Cost effective and scalable mode
  • Quality procedures that add value
  • Enhanced focus and increased productivity
  • Domain experience
  • Extremely robust security systems

We helped a global pharma company in consolidating their various artwork studios into regional service centers (RSC), globally. The solution helped them achieve significant reduction in cost per artwork. There were no non-compliance issue in the four years of the project journey.

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