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Jumpstart Telco

With smart devices at affordable prices, the data traffic is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. This opens up an interesting opportunity for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) who are contemplating entering this high growth market to gain early market share.It is also helps CSPs who face challenges in quicker service launch and budgetary constraints, to have systems in place for quickly response to the changing market dynamics.

Keeping these challenges in mind, our flagship platform offering-jumpstart Telco:WBB eXpress has been designed and built around principles that will help the CSPs to jump start their wireless broadband service and remain competitive in the changing environment by ensuring:

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Innovative service differentiators
  • Optimal TCO

WBB eXpress meets the growing need of CSPs for a rightly engineered, pre-integrated, and ready to deploy solution. It is prepackaged with CRM and BSS solutions and offers up to 40% Cycle Time Reduction in Build phase, thereby substantially improving the go-to-market timeframe.

The following pre-packaged functionalities are the core features of WBB eXpress solution:

  • Convergent Billing and Service Provisioning systems drastically reduce time delays between customer acquisition and service activation
  • Flexible Product Definition and Rating Engine enables launch of innovative service bundles for Voice, Data and On-Demand services in Prepaid, Postpaid or Hybrid mode
  • 360 degree view of customer information enables good customer experience at customer touch points
  • Web Self-Care portal empowers customers to choose products and services to suit their pocket and usage requirements
  • Channel Partner Portal enables better partner relationship with improved channel partner management, through online order entry, resource procurement and commission management
  • Built-in Standard adapters to enable service integration with network elements and third party systems such as CTI/IVR, Payment Gateway, Notification Systems etc.


Jumpstart Telco: WBB eXpress has been designed to help CSPs jumpstart their wireless broadband service launch and remain competitive in today's ever changing market environment with features that include:

  • Day 1 launch ready CRM and BSS processes
  • Over 40+ readily available end-to-end user journeys
  • 360 degree view of customer data
  • Convergent BSS stack solution
  • Low risk and low cost strategy that enables CSPs to stay versatile while growing
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