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Social Media Platform Solution

Social Media is increasingly becoming the preferred medium of communication in the hyper-connected world today. Being active on social media and responding to queries and complaints are critical to build relationships with the online community. Strategically using these networks by analyzing customer opinion trends is crucial to social media success.

  • Scale: Unique visitors to social networking sites have grown from 0.4 billion in 2007 to 1.2 billion in 2011.
  • Commercial relevance: Large number of customers interacts on social media to share opinions and reviews and engage with brands to make purchase decisions.
  • Risk of ignorance: Social media crises have increased 10 times in the past six years, primarily due to avoidable reasons such as poor relationship management and failure to respond to collective/individual feedback from customers.

Currently, there are hundreds of tools in the market to monitor social media. However third party research suggests that there is a great amount of dissatisfaction over the use of leading social media tools due to their poor and non-actionable analytics, lack of end-to-end focus on the entire the value chain and inability to scale up with customers due to the small scale of vendors.

Business Challenge

Enterprises today want a comprehensive end-to-end solution for social media management, starting from actionable analytics to engagement and other features such as campaign management, lead generation, idea evaluation and crisis management. Enterprises want a 360 degree view of their consumers and also to follow ongoing discussions which may negatively impact the brand equity.

The Solution

Socio: Our social media platform solution helps enterprises with actionable insights and proactive solutions to help succeed in a world of multiplying factors and multiple interaction points.

Our social media platform as a service helps a world’s leading brand in sustaining its brand equity by:

  • Benchmarking performance with industry
  • Identifying gaps and opportunities to improve brand experience
  • Crisis management dashboard to help mitigate brand-equity risk due to viral phenomena
  • Using social lead generation and idea evaluation mechanisms

Socio is a comprehensive BPaaS platform which can perform all social media tasks such as:

  • Crawl
  • Analyze and tag posts
  • Respond to users
  • Monitor potential crises
  • Manage influencers
  • Create business intelligence reports

We deploy our experienced and specialized social media customer service teams on our best-of-breed platform to provide an end-to-end solution for all social media needs.


Social media caters to 5 key business needs:

  • Engaging with customers at every stage of the social media cycle
  • Creating awareness
  • Influencing purchase
  • Including feedback mechanism
  • Improving customer loyalty
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