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Tecnico – A remote Tech Support offering

Connecting dots for a Connected World

Today, a common urban household has several devices like computers and smart phones; media and entertainment systems, and peripherals like printers and scanners hooked on to the internet to create an integrated experience called ‘Connected Home’. Connected homes are more than just an idea. It is one of the finest realities emanating from technology revolution. Consumers who are now living in a hyper-connected world need anytime, anywhere connectivity. Any household today holds an array of devices and gadgets. People now also expect to stay connected everywhere using a large selection of devices.

Scale of the Problem

However, some of the typical business challenges in a hyper-connected world are:

  • A user has multiple devices each with limited complimentary support
  • A user has to put up with different SLA standards for each device
  • A user needs to approach different suppliers for support based on the brand of the device

Our Solution

Tecnico offers a one-stop solution for Tech Remote Support at the right price. Our solution covers white labeled offering; covering all key devices and services. It is offered as an NPS guaranteed, subscription based services.

Key Features

Offering includes:

24x7 Global Support

  • 24x7 support for all devices used in any home or business environment makes our service superior. To control and stop the train in the event of human error


  • The knowhow and a talented team of experts to perform the service

Right People

  • A highly evolved process to arrive at the most effective fully integrated platform

Right Service

  • A rich lineage in telecom helps us provide the right support and seamless customer service. Right tech support with seamless customer service

Right Process

  • A highly evolved process to arrive at the most effective fully integrated platform

Right Price

  • Multiple plans to support the right hardware for the right price


Our domain experience makes us the automatic choice for telecom providers as a remote tech support partner. Our close proximity to telecom companies and OEMs, position us ahead in the league of remote tech support providers. We understand the complexities and industry challenges far better than anyone else. Our tech support services make the smart home of tomorrow into a practical and feasible solution of today. We ensure that our patrons and their customers have the advantage of living in a connected home with the best customer service possible.

What makes us better?

  • A one-stop connected solution with 15 - 20 per cent lower cost and wider remote support service scope.
  • With our strong domain telecom experience, Tecnico offers a unique game changing concept for telecom providers to serve their customers.
  • A white-labeled solution with guaranteed CSAT for telecom providers.
  • Also offered as a bundled solution with other platforms in Analytics, Networks space to provide a unique in-a-box solution.
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For further information please write to