Why Wellness Comes Before Business
Wellness Before Business

Staying healthy is about feeling better and being better. To some, it’s about looking better. But above all else, it’s about living better. Because it’s the foundation for your professional, personal and spiritual well-being.

Together, we can make it happen. Join us to build a #WellnessFirst world.

Inspiring Fitness Stories
Untold Stories

Whether it’s about how you took up yoga to destress or how a friend turned to cycling to get in shape, tell us a wellness story that shouldn’t go untold and we will feature it right here!

All you have to do is share your story through Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag ‘#WellnessFirst’. You can ask your friends, colleagues, and loved ones to share theirs too!

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My First Ride
Yoga Sessions Conducted by Tech Mahindra

Yoga sessions conducted across all our campuses on the 21st of June witnessed thousands of Tech Mahindra associates practicing yoga. We were also the tech partners at Canada Yoga Day, which saw a massive turnout of more than 10,000 people, and Singapore Yoga week, where 5,500 people took a step towards a healthier life.

While we have spread the #WellnessFirst philosophy to thousands all over the world, we’re excited about the millions that are up next.

Yoga Sessions Conducted by Tech Mahindra
All the Buzz About Wellness